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Download Linux Device Drivers Development training Course By Udemy

Learn Linux Kernel Development With Practical ExamplesWhat you'll learnwrite linux character driver module and insert it to linux kernel to change or enhance the functionality of linux kernel.Compile linux kernel downloaded from kernel.orgconfigure linux kernel using defconfig , menuconfig , xconfig This course will give good knowledge about ...

3 19 2020/09/13
Download Linux Privilege Escalation Examples From Zero to Hero - OSCP Course By Udemy

Linux Privilege Escalation For The OSCP TrainingWhat you'll learnHow to Do Privilage Escalation in LinuxHow to use the CLIHow to Prevent Privilege Escalation in LinuxHow to Setup Linux Server in Virtual BoxHow to create usersHow to Linux WorksRequirementsBasic LinuxDescription In this course, I will teach how to do Privilege Escalate from a Linux ...

3 25 2020/09/12

Download Linux System Programming using C and C++(Practical Approach) Course By Udemy

Practical approach to Linux Unix system programming using c and c++ programming language like fork thread semaphore IPCWhat you'll learnStudent should be able to write their own system call and utilize existing system call on Linux/Unix to create system software.Student should be able to understand Unix/Linux/Mac/Windows system in greater detailsIt ...

Linux , C/C++
5 48 2020/09/12
Download Developing Local Chef Cookbooks on Linux Course By Pluralsight

Developing Chef cookbooks requires an understanding of the many tools which are available to you via Chef Workstation. This course leverages hands-on demos to explore the options available for developing cookbook solutions for Linux.Description The Chef repo, with its patterns of cookbooks and accompanying assets, is the foundation for building ...

3 57 2020/09/03

Download Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts Course By Udemy

For Developers - Build Linux Programmable Libraries, Makefiles, Memory Management, Compilation & Linking, C ProgrammingWhat you'll learnLearn Advance Programming Concepts in C/C++Develop and Integrate C/C++ LibrariesAutomate Build Process using MakefileUse of Function Pointers as CallbacksStatic and Dynamic Libraries and LinkingCompilation Process ...

Linux , C/C++
37 101 2020/09/02

Download Linux Inter Process Communication (IPC) from Scratch in C Course By Udemy

Linux Course - Includes Socket Programming, Linux System Programming, C programming - From Beginner to ExpertWhat you'll learnYou will be able to Design Application which require IPCChoose the best IPC mechanism depending on the application requirementUnderstand the Linux IPC programming interfaceUnderstand Linux OS better and feel confidentPrepare ...

Linux , C/C++
20 85 2020/09/01
Download Ubuntu Linux Server Troubleshooting Course By Udemy

Learn to troubleshoot Ubuntu Servers like a boss! This intro to troubleshooting will have you fixing errors in no time!What you'll learnTroubleshoot Ubuntu Server Systems with ConfidenceRead the Kernel Ring Buffer for Device/Driver FailuresDiagnose and Repair Common Networking ErrorsResolve Software Dependency IssuesFind and Fix Filesystem ...

1 74 2020/08/24
Download Linux Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for the Oracle Professional Course By Udemy

How to use Linux to Troubleshoot Network, Memory, I/O, and Oracle Database IssuesWhat you'll learnPerform basic commands in the shellUse Linux to manage processes and usersCreate and manage files and directoriesUtilize basic shell scripting to perform Database Administration tasksAnalyze server performanceAutomate Database Administration tasksUse ...

Oracle , Linux
4 64 2020/08/23
Download Shell Scripting : Bash Scripting/AWK/SED on Linux/Unix/Bash Course By Udemy

Shell Scripting Linux/Unix : Bash shell, Scripting AWK and SED, Bash/Linux/Unix commands for Linux/Unix shell scriptsWhat you'll learnUnderstanding of Shell Scripting featuresWriting shell script programmatically using different features and commandsAutomation of complex tasks by shell scriptManaging system and solution efficiently using shell ...

2 61 2020/08/22
Download  A Beginner’s Guide To Linux Commands Course By Udemy

Learning foundational Linux commands to navigate in Linux operating systemWhat you'll learnAt the end of this course, the student will be able to understand the structure and the file system of the open source operating system: Linux.RequirementsThis course – A Beginner’s Guide To Linux Commands- is for the absolute beginner!Description At the end ...

7 51 2020/08/22
Download UNIX/LINUX Command For Beginners Course By Udemy

What you'll learnWhat is UnixKnow How to use basic unix commandKnow How to list the files and directory in Unix | LinuxKnow How to create the directory in Unix | LinuxKnow How to move from one directory to another directory in UnixKnow How to open a file in UnixKnow How to read the content of a file in UnixKnow How to append data to a file in ...

5 51 2020/08/21
Download System Call in Linux Course By Udemy

What you'll learnAre you preparing for the next Linux interview?Are you preparing for the Next Embedded Interview?If, Yes. This course is a must need. This course covers the basics of System Call understanding to the expert level. Each chapter has lots of programming Practice, tricks, and Interview question discussion for your reference. The Course ...

2 84 2020/08/17
Download Advanced Penetration Testing using Kali linux Part 1 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnAll Technics of penetrations testingRequirementsBasic knowledge of ethical hackingDescription Those who continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future." - Brian Tracy Penetration testing is one of ...

1 60 2020/08/16
Download Squid Proxy Server On Linux: Anonymous browsing & filtering Course By Udemy

Setup a free Squid proxy server on a UNIX system & filter internet access, anonymize web traffic, reverse proxy & more..What you'll learnLearn how to install a Squid proxy server to use as a web gateway, for anonymizing proxy server or even as a reverse proxyConfigure Squid server as Internet gateway for LAN usersCreate different access control ...

7 99 2020/08/15
Download Amazon AWS EC2 LEMP + Host Multiple Domains on One Server Course By Udemy

Amazon AWS EC2 LEMP + Host Multiple Domains on One Server + CloudflareWhat you'll learnDeploy and Configure AWS EC2 InstanceInstall and Configure Linux, MySQL, PHP and PhpMyAdmin on a Linux ServerHost Multiple websites on a single serverKnow the basics of Cloudflare and how to setup a new domainSecure your Website with CloudflareConnect to a server ...

PHP , Linux
14 123 2020/08/13
Download Embedded Linux using Yocto Course By Udemy

What you'll learnYocto ProjectRequirementsStudents should have good understanding of Linux OS and Linux KernelDescription In First lecture, we covered an overview of Yocto Project. In second lecture, we covered a) Key Terms of Yocto Project (Recipe, Layers, configuration, classes, packages, image) b) Poky Directories c) Build Directories d) ...

7 103 2020/08/11
Download Linux Mastery - Complete Linux Course for Beginners By Udemy

Join the Best Complete Linux Operating System course for newbie Linux users. Learn Linux Step by Step from Scratch!!What you'll learnObtain enough information needed to easily install, run and manage the Linux operating system in most of its distributions.Learn the Linux operating system fundamentals/essential skills.Learn the Linux system ...

6 109 2020/08/08
Download Ethical Hacking mit Kali Linux Course By Udemy

Ethical Hacking, Security Analysis und Penetration Testing mit Kali LinuxWhat you'll learnUmgang und Hacken mit dem Kali Linux SystemAusführen der typischen Angriffe im Internet, im lokalen Netz und im WLANKnacken von Passwörtern, Dateien und DokumentenBestandteile von Penetration Test kennenlernenAusschließlich praktische Übungen zum ausprobieren ...

1 109 2020/08/06
Download 3 Days Linux Administration Course By Udemy

Learn Linux and command line skills in as little as 3 daysWhat you'll learnStudents will be able to install, configure, and manage Linux serverStudents will be able to perform basic and advance Linux system administrationStudents will be able to write small shell scriptsRequirementsDesire to learn Linux fastWindows or MAC ComputerDescription This ...

16 104 2020/08/02
Download Learn Windows & Linux Command Line Course By Udemy

Find out how to use the command line the way it was meant to be used!What you'll learnHow to use the command line in both Windows and LinuxHow to navigate the file systems and directoriesHow to create, edit, and manipulate directories and filesHow to run the commands using the right syntaxAn A-Z Index of the Windows & Linux Command ...

Windows , Linux
2 157 2020/08/01
Download Unix/Linux Commands with basic shell scripting All in one Course By Udemy

Learn from basic to advance command in very easy way and get good hands on for shell scriptingWhat you'll learnGet hands on in Unix / Linux /Ubuntu Commands , Basic Shell scripting mostly useful for Dev/Tester /DevOpsBecome professional in working on Unix and Linux machines/ ServersDo automation for task using shell scriptHands-on in vi editor for ...

6 86 2020/08/01
Download Learn Ubuntu Desktop: Start Using Linux Today Course By Udemy

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Ubuntu Desktop for Your Daily Business Activities, Replace Your Existing Operating SystemWhat you'll learnEfficient use of Linux Ubuntu Desktop for day-to-day business activitiesYou will be able to perform all operations as it were done in your current operating systemYou will learn how to install free software on Linux ...

3 97 2020/07/29
Download The Fundamentals of Linux Administration (8.5 Hours ) Course By Udemy

Beginners Guide for Complete Mastery over the Linux Administration, Operating System & Bash Shell Scripting & AutomationWhat you'll learnUnderstand the origin of Linux Operating System and what features of Linux makes it a powerful and highly secure OSIntorduction to Linux Command Line and know each basic detail of the Terminal windowWorking with ...

12 95 2020/07/27
Download Linux High Availability Clustering on RHEL 8 (8.5hours) Course By Udemy

Design & deploy HA cluster active/passive or active/active services using Pacemaker on Esxi and KVM lab environment.What you'll learnHigh availability cluster installation, configuration, managing and troubleshooting in RHEL8/CentOS8 on VMware Vspare .Students should understand HA cluster concepts and how to manage different nodes, start/stop ...

6 109 2020/07/26

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