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Download Flutter Tutorials - Latest Packages and Components Course By Udemy

Learn about latest and stylish flutter packages and components along with the source code. Bonus - Covid-19 Tracker AppWhat you'll learnLatest And Stylish Flutter Components and PackagesCovid-19 Tracker App using Flutter Along with the Source CodeHow to upload Flutter project on GithubRequirementsAndroid Studio and Flutter SdkDescription Learn ...

2 15 2020/08/13

Download Build a SwiftUI app for iOS 14 Course By Designcode

Build a multi-platform app for iOS, iPadOS and Big Sur This year, SwiftUI got major upgrades from the WWDC 2020. The big news is that thanks to Apple Silicon, Macs will be able to run iOS and iPad apps soon. SwiftUI is the only framework that allows you to build apps for all of Apple's five platforms: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS with the ...

8 34 2020/08/11

Download iOS13 Online Shop Application: Build an e-Market Course By Packtpub

LearnLearn how to write clean, readable codeGet to grips with creating and configuring PayPal paymentsBuild a professional iOS applicationTest your first payment with the PayPal SDKAbout In this iOS 13 Online Shop Application course, you’ll learn how to build a real-world online shop with an integrated payment system (PayPal) and Stripe SDKs. This ...

8 42 2020/08/10

Download The complete Java Android App development Bootcamp 2020 Course By Udemy

Learn Android development fundamentals and start creating your own Android applicationsWhat you'll learnMake projects that you can showcase to your potential clientApply for a job as an Android developerMake any app that you imagine (Sky is the limit)Build an app that you can publish on Google play and generate money revenue from adsRequirementsPC ...

Android , Java
4 51 2020/08/08

Download iOS Development: Threading and Grand Central Dispatch Course By Lynda

Users expect their iOS apps to be fast and responsive. Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)—a Swift framework that allows you to execute code concurrently on multicore hardware—can help you ensure that your app meets these expectations. In this course, instructor Grace Njoroge helps you get up and running with GCD, explaining how to put code or tasks on ...

1 26 2020/08/06

Download React Navigation for Native Mobile Applications Course By Egghead

React Navigation makes the easy things easy and the hard things possible. This course will help you understand how to customize and use React Navigation for more complex navigation patterns. You'll learn different ways to display content within the navigators, which demonstrates the built-in customizations within React Navigation. As well as learn ...

Android , IOS
3 44 2020/08/06

Download AdMob Complete Master Class Passive Income Earning 2020 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnYou Will LearnHow To Select A Niche For Your AppHow To Resarch A Profitable Niches For Your AppHow To Develop Android App without Coding ( No Coding )How To Do ASO (App Search Optimization) To Increase Unlimited DownloadsHow To Publish Your App On Play StoreHow To Get Ratings and Reviews Push Notifications StrategyHow To Monetize ...

Android , IOS
7 93 2020/08/05

Download SwiftUI Masterclass: iOS 13 App Development with Swift 5 Course By Elearningforseniors

Description Visually learn SwiftUI and build top-notch iOS 13 apps, iPadOS apps, Apple Watch apps, and even macOS apps! Introducing the complete SwiftUI Masterclass Course that will become your quickstart reference guide in the iOS 13 App Development. PROJECT: Developers Card App PROJECT: Avocado Recipes App PROJECT: Slot Machine Game iPhone, ...

7 91 2020/08/05

Download Build Cross-Platfor Course By Udemy

Learn to build cross-platform iOS and Android apps in HTML/CSS/JavaScript with Sencha Touch Framework.What you'll learnDevelop complete mobile apps in HTML5Quickly develop a friendly application that functions across a variety of handheld deviceImplement a complex mobile UI that integrates forms, maps, tabs, sorting, and mediaMake background ...

Android , IOS
3 46 2020/08/03

Download Android Clean Architecture & SOLID Principles Course By Udemy

Gain mastery over building well-structured, long-living, self-documented Android applications. Build robust apps today.What you'll learnLearn basic software architecture by applying SOLID principles.Apply Clean Architecture in order to write quality code, as a software engineer.Creating robust, long-living, well-designed, testable, maintainable ...

2 52 2020/08/03

Download SwiftUI iOS13 Coffee Shop Application, Order Products Online Course By Udemy

Build Coffee Shop Application for iOS using xCode 11, SwiftUI, iOS 13, Firebse Firestore, Swift 5. Best SwiftUI tutorialWhat you'll learnHow to write clean readable codeBuild professional iOS applicationLear SwiftUIDevelop iOS apps for dark mode and light modeWork with FirebaseRequirementsExperience with xCodeExperience with SwiftBasic SwiftUI ...

5 22 2020/08/02

Download iOS12 Bootcamp from Beginner to Professional iOS Developer Course By Udemy

iOS 12, swift 4.2, iOS for beginners, iOS bootcamp, learn iOS development, swift for beginner, Coredata, realm, firebaseWhat you'll learnWe will start from beginner level and build simple apps and slowly move to more advanced applications along the way.This course will cover many applications and many aspects of iOS development.By the time you ...

19 69 2020/08/01

Download Build a React Native Application for iOS and Android from Start to Finish Course By Egghead

If you already know React, then React Native is a great way to build mobile apps for iOS and Android. Of course, web and mobile apps are very different to build — but this course serves as your guide. In this course, we’ll build a mobile app from start to release with React Native for both iOS and Android. Prior React experience is required, but ...

Android , IOS
3 78 2020/07/30

Download Flutter REST API Crash Course: Build a Coronavirus App By Udemy

Build a Coronavirus Tracking App, and learn how to use REST APIs in FlutterWhat you'll learnBuild a simple, yet complete Coronavirus tracking application using REST APIsGood app architecture: learn how to structure your code and keep it modularAttention to detail and emphasis on writing a production-ready appRequirementsFamiliarity with the Dart ...

4 56 2020/07/30

Download Taxi App in React Native Course By Udemy

Make a basic taxi app in React Native!What you'll learnHow to get device location in React NativeHow to make a passenger app and driver communicate via. SocketsHow to install react-native-maps for both iOS and AndroidHow to use Google Maps Places API for places autosuggestionsHow to use Google Maps Routes API for route directionsHow to draw ...

Android , IOS
22 66 2020/07/29

Download Android Unit Testing and TDD for beginners : Getting Started Course By Udemy

Learn how to use Test Driven Development (TDD) and apply Unit Testing using Junit and Mockito for Android DevelopmentWhat you'll learnBuild Android App Using Test Driven Development (TDD ) and Model View Presenter(MVP)learn How to use Test driven DevelopmentLearn about different types of testing for Android DevelopmentLearn Junit and ...

7 61 2020/07/29

Download Learn Hacking and use your Android as a Hacking Machine Course By Udemy

Learn Hacking using your Mobile Device (No Laptop Required)What you'll learnHacking using your MobileTermux and it's ApplicationsMetasploit's FrameworkPhishing Attack, Brute Force Attack and other types of attacksHacking Instagram Account and other Social Media Accounts RequirementsAn Android device and a stable internet connection Description In ...

12 42 2020/07/28

Download Clean Architecture Course By Codingwithmitch

Course Objective: Why do so many people from the various software fields (web, android, iOS, desktop, games) say Clean Architecture is one of the best ways to structure code? This course will introduce you to Clean Architecture and show you why testing far easier on android. Both Instrumentation tests and unit tests. MVI architectural ...

70 51 2020/07/27

Download Swift Power Pack Course By Hackingwithswift

Get on the fast track to a new career coding iOS apps with Swift! This course delivers seven complete books as well as over 150 videos and other extras, so you have everything you need to build Swift apps from scratch. You can start with zero knowledge: I'll teach you everything you need to know, for an unbeatable price.

14 32 2020/07/27

Download SwiftUI - The Complete Developer Course By Udemy

A compendium of SwiftUI code for any scenario from the blockbuster best seller "SwiftUI for Masterminds" by J.D. GauchatWhat you'll learnStudents will be learn how to work with the SwiftUI Framework and get all the code they need to build insanely cool appsRequirementsNo experience is necessary - the course teaches the Swift language from the ...

27 74 2020/07/26

Download Master The Basics Of Flutter | Learn Dart & Flutter Course By Udemy

Learn Dart & Flutter for creating Mobile Apps - Beginners TutorialWhat you'll learnLearn to use DartLearn to create mobile apps with flutterLearn the Dart and flutter basicsRequirementsBasic programming Knowledge Description Welcome to this course on Flutter Tutorials for beginners. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by ...

Android , IOS
4 104 2020/07/23

Download Adding Mobile Devices to Your Azure DevOps Strategy Course By Cloudacademy

Description This course dives into creating a DevOps strategy for mobile applications using the Visual Studio App Center. The App Center gives us a centralized location where we can implement build services, carry out mobile UI testing with multiple devices sets, create public and private distribution groups, and perform release management for our ...

Android , IOS
2 85 2020/07/23

Download Android Q App Development Mastery Course - Build 20+ Apps By Udemy

Complete Android App Development Course using Java & Android Studio. Learn to build Android Apps with practical examplesWhat you'll learnAndroid ArchitectureAndroid JetpacksAndroid QRemote Database and NetworkingSend Notifications from ( FCM, PHP )Google ServicesAndroid third Party Softwares and librariesAndroid Persistent Memory ModelLearn to ...

22 105 2020/07/21

Download Learn React Native - Cross Platform App Development Course By Udemy

Creative React Native course for beginners, Learn by making Rock Paper Scissors game What you'll learnReact nativeexpoexpo webreact native windowsreact native macosreact native webandroid developmentios developmentRequirementsLittle bit of JavaScript Description Are you a beginner who wants to make mobile, desktop and web apps in JavaScript using ...

Android , IOS
6 48 2020/07/21

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