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Download Create a CRM Mobile Application with React Native Course (2017) By Lynda

You can develop a mobile CRM application using React Native. Learn how set up a project, code the login, work with Redux, add views, use CRUD operations, and more. Join Emmanuel Henri as he shows you how to initialize a project, establish a strong folder structure, install a material kit, set up email authorization using Firebase, create views and ...

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Download React Native and Redux Course using hooks By Udemy

What you'll learnMoble Application development using React nativeAccessing Camera and Image GalleryUploading ImagesHow to work with node js and express as a backendAdding Navigation using React navigation v5Redux for state managementContext APIAnimationsRequirementsBasics of React js Description This Course is the most updated course on React ...

Java Script , Other , React
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Download InDesign CC Creating AEM Mobile Apps Course By Pluralsight

Learn to create AEM Mobile Apps in InDesign CC. Software required: InDesign CC, Adobe Experience Manager.Description Learn to create AEM Mobile Apps in InDesign CC, including managing projects and team members, adding and designing collections, layouts, and cards, and building apps for iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android, and Windows. Software ...

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Download Using Create React Native App Course By Teamtreehouse

About this Workshop Learn the fastest way to get up and running with React Native.TeacherGuil Hernandez Guil is a Full Stack JavaScript and Front End Web Development instructor at Treehouse. You can follow him on Twitter .

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Download Beginning Ionic Hybrid Application Development [Video] By Packtpub

Develop a hybrid mobile application with Ionic and AngularJSExplore key commands of the Ionic CLI for an efficient development experienceManage application data easily with AngularJS services and AjaxIncorporate interactive mobile features to create intuitive user experiencesBeautify the application further by calling upon Cordova pluginsFetch ...

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Download Building Mobile Apps With the Ionic Framework and AngularJS Course By Pluralsight

This code-focused course shows how to build mobile apps with the Ionic Framework and AngularJS. The Ionic Framework represents an exciting new way to quickly build professional quality mobile apps.Description The Ionic Framework is a tremendous step forward for quickly building Cordova-based mobile apps. Built on top of AngularJS, developers are ...

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Download Publish an App With Cordova Course By Tutsplus

The Cordova platform is a cross-platform framework for building apps. Instead of building an app with native languages like Java or Objective C, you can build it with familiar web technologies and bundle it in a native container for your target platform. Cordova allows you to build apps for Android and iOS, as well as Amazon Fire, BlackBerry, ...

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Download Building an App With Cordova Course By Tutsplus

The Cordova platform is a cross-platform framework for building apps. Instead of building an app with native languages like Java or Objective C, you can build it with familiar web technologies and bundle it in a native container for your target platform. Cordova allows you to build apps for Android and iOS, as well as Amazon Fire, BlackBerry, ...

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Download Code a Mobile App With NativeScript Course By Tutsplus

NativeScript is a framework for building cross-platform native mobile apps. It allows developers to use JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular to build apps for iOS and Android. Unlike Cordova, which uses WebView for rendering the UI of the app, NativeScript uses the native platform's rendering engine and accesses the native APIs, so that it provides a ...

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Download Creating Offline-First Mobile Apps with HTML5 Course By Pluralsight

This course will teach you how to build offline-first mobile apps using HTML5, offline storage, and service workers.Description Learn to write real-world mobile web apps that are functional and performant even when internet connectivity is spotty or absent. In this course, Creating Offline-first Mobile Apps with HTML5, you'll explore tools and ...

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Download Ionic 2 Solutions [Video] By Packtpub

Create custom UIs using Angular 2 directivesMake the best use of REST APIs to submit formsCreate beautiful animations and graphics in your applicationEmbed videos and other media into appsAccess native device functionalities, such as a camera and maps, using ngCordovaTheme your application based on the various platform styles availablePublish your ...

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Download Ionic 4 Firebase Master Course By Fireship

The Ionic4 Master Course will teach you the fundamentals of full-stack cross-platform app development, using the combined powers of Angular & Firebase.🗿 What will I build? This is a project-based course that starts from zero and works up to an authenticated realtime todo list with push notifications. While that may not sound super exciting, it ...

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Download Ionic Framework: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques [Video] By Packtpub

Leverage Ionic 4 features for the faster development of secure and easy-to-maintain appsLearn what's new in Ionic 5Save time by eliminating common bugs and stumbling blocks and focus on the features that will make your app greatBuild faster, more performant apps to delight your usersCreate beautiful user interfaces with various UI hacksDevelop ...

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Download Mobile App Testing | Practical + Certified Mob. Tester By  Udemy

What you'll learnHow to become a Certified Mobile TesterIdentify the most important types of testing that should be applied in mobile testingRequirementsBasic knowledge about manual testingBasic knowledge about software engineeringBasic knowledge about Black box techniques Description All you need to know about Mobile Testing. The course is ...

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Download Practical Flutter eBook By Apress

Explore what Flutter has to offer, where it came from, and where it’s going. Mobile development is progressing at a fast rate and with Flutter – an open-source mobile application development SDK created by Google – you can develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as Google Fuchsia.Learn to create three apps (a personal information manager, ...

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Download Develop Mobile Data Collection Solutions using Kobo Toolbox Course By Udemy

What you'll learnHow to create mobile data collection projects in Kobo ToolboxHow to add different types of questions including rostersImplementing skip logic to control the flow of question itemsImplementing validation logic to limit what can accepted as valid responsesDeploying your mobile data collection project on mobile devices, data ...

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Download Desarrollando Mobile/Web Apps Con PowerBuilder + PowerServer Course By Udemy

What you'll learnDesarrollar de manera sencilla aplicaciones empresariales Web/Móvil utilizando PowerBuilderAdquirir los conceptos para montar una arquitectura distribuida, escalable y basada en estándares con PowerServer.RequirementsConocimientos de programación en PowerBuilder Description Dirigido a programadores PowerBuilder que deseen ampliar ...

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Download React Native Mobile App - design, code and publish Course By Udemy

What you'll learnDesign, Development and Publication of a Mobile App.How React Native works, and what is the development workflow.How to integrate React Native Plugins.How to write components and use navigation. RequirementsBasic understanding of the mobile world. Beginner level of JavaScript. Description This course will guide you through all ...

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Download Automating Web/Mobile/API Applications With TestProject By Udemy

What you'll learnComplete understanding of working with TestProjectComplete understanding of working with android app automationComplete understanding of working with iOS app automationComplete understanding of working with Web app automationWorking with advanced concepts of TestProjectRequirementsBasic understanding on Web application automation ...

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Download Flutter - Intermediate Course By Udemy

What you'll learnWidgetsLayout WidgetsCreate custom widgetsNavigationState managment RequirementsAdvanced level dart knowledgeBeginners level flutter knowledge Description This is not a beginners course, and you should have a solid grasp of both the Dart language and a beginners understanding of Flutter. This course picks up where my Flutter for ...

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Download Bootstrap 4 Responsive Design profesional + Proyecto By Udemy

Aprende Responsive Design desde cero con Bootstrap 4RequirementsConocmiento básico de HTML y CSSNO NECESARIO SABER JAVASCRIPT Description Aprende a usar el framework de css más usado en el diseño web,y en el que confían empresas como Netflix, Github, Reddit... y muchas más. Con Bootstrap podrás diseñar increibles páginas web con efectos de ...

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Download PHP & Databases with PDO By Treehouse

About this Course Whether you have aspirations of working on a Content Management System, an E-Commerce Site, a new and exciting web app, or an API you will eventually need to work with a Database. PHP and Databases work together through the use of PHP Data Objects or PDO for short. What you'll learnPHP Data ObjectsPDODatabase SecurityQueries ...

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Download Microsoft 365: Implement Modern Device Services By Linkedin

Course detailsMobile devices are a critical productivity tool for most organizations. But balancing mobile access with the need to protect company data and systems can be tricky. Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive, modern solution for mobile device management, providing maximum flexibility and security. Learn how to manage your organization’s ...

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Download Building A Professional Mobile Application Backdoor Attack By Udemy

Build an Advanced mobile android application backdoor attack controlled by a remote desktop application(ethical hacking)What you'll learnDiscover the world of Ethical Hacking and Security With JavaBuilding a Professional android mobile application backdoor attack for target side step by stepHiding a malicoius code inside the android mobile ...

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