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Download Azure Administration: Deploy and Manage Compute Resources Course By Lynda

Effectively managing compute resources is key to infrastructure administration-and a successful career in IT. In this course, instructor Sharon Bennett discusses how to successfully deploy and manage Microsoft Azure compute resources, focusing heavily on configuration of virtual machines. Discover how to configure VMs for high availability and ...

2 22 2020/09/26
Download Ethical Hacking Course: Protect Yourself From Being Hacked By Udemy

Learn about the Dark Web, Social Engineering, Backdoors, Website Hacking, SQL Injection, Wireless attacks and more!What you'll learnLearn the theory, background and tools used to leverage most updated attacks in the hacking worldLearn how to protect yourselves from these attacksBe able to apply for junior I.T. security positionsRequirementsNo ...

2 21 2020/09/23
Download OSINT for hackers and penetration testers Course By Udemy

Uncover hidden information, track people, and analyze networksWhat you'll learnIn this course I will be teaching you OSINT techniques focused for hackersRequirementsWindows, Linux, or OSX machine with admin rights to install software. You should have a machine with at least 8GB of memory and 40GB of free space if you wish to fillow ...

4 14 2020/09/22
Download Cyber Security in Cloud Computing + Microsoft Azure Labs Course By Udemy

What you'll learnPrevent Risk and PreventionCloud Security Concepts with Azure Lab/DemosContracts management in CloudLegal issues in CloudIncident management in CloudHow to handle compliance in cloudVulnerability management in CloudDevsecopsAsset security in CloudCloud Service agreements in CloudData Sensitivity and Legal Obligations in ...

3 13 2020/09/21
Download Master Python Networking From A to Z - Part II: Intermediate Course By Udemy

Learn about Python network programming, networking protocols, hands on & build real-world network applications with easeWhat you'll learnPython network programmingNetwork Standars and protocolsPython Algorithms and best practicesMastring of specific packages and APIsDesigning of flexible and robust solutionsWeb and Sever/Client Interactions in ...

Network , Python
3 11 2020/09/21
Download The Complete Networking Foundations- Network Media (WANs) Course By Udemy

Learn about networking and start your journey to Cisco Certification.What you'll learnThis course is for anyone who wants to attain the Cisco CCNA certificationDescribe network fundamentals and build simple LANsRequirementsThere are no specific prerequisites as the course covers all the topics in detail.Description Welcome to the Complete Network ...

2 14 2020/09/19
Download Hands-on: Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux - Noob to Pro Course By Udemy

Become an Hacker with White Hat Practices having the skillset of Black HatWhat you'll learnStudents will able to understand the concepts of Ethical Hacking and explore about the procedure followed in order to hack a targetRequirementsBasic IT SkillsOperating System: Windows / Linux.No programming, Linux or Hacking knowledge ...

3 25 2020/09/17
Download Train and deploy deep learning models Course By Udemy

Build your neural network using Keras, train it using Google AI-Platform then deploy it using Flask and Google Cloud RunWhat you'll learnBuild a deep convolutional neural network using Keras and tensorflow.Leverage the power of transfer learning to get high accuracy on your classification task.Use google cloud platform to make training and ...

11 16 2020/09/17
Download Complete Web Application Hacking & Penetration Testing Course By Udemy

Learn hacking web applications, hacking websites and penetration test with my ethical hacking course and becomer HackerWhat you'll learnAdvanced Web Application Penetration TestingTerms, standards, services, protocols and technologiesSetting up Virtual Lab EnvironmentSoftware and Hardware RequirementsModern Web ApplicationsWeb Application ...

10 35 2020/09/15
Download Ethical Hacking:Network Fundamentals & Network Layer Attacks Course By Udemy

Learn Ethical Hacking with Network Security, Sniffing,Subnetting, ARP Spoof, Password Cracking and implement MitM attackWhat you'll learnNetwork FundamentalsNetwork Layer AttacksARP Spoofing/ARP PoisonningARP Hands-On PracticesThe “Man in the Middle” ( Mitm )Using GNS3 NetworksAttaching Kali to GNS3 NetworkActive Network DevicesNetwork ...

11 36 2020/09/14
Download Red Team Ethical Hacking - Beginner Course By Udemy

Tips for conducting Red Team Post-Exploitation tactics on a Windows DomainWhat you'll learnLearn the basics of Red Team Windows tacticsLearn basic Red Team Ethical Hacking topicsAdvanced Windows commandsHands-on Red Team tactics, techniques, and procedure (TTP) demosRequirementsComputer or Laptop capable of running virtual machines with access to ...

4 27 2020/09/14
Download Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH) Part 1 of 2 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnLearn the fundamentals of network securityImplement access controlsUnderstand the network security protocolsLearn cryptography and its usesConduct effective vulnerability assessmentsLearn how to cover tracksUnderstand the functioning of malwareCrack passwordsRequirementsThe candidates opting for this course are recommended to have ...

3 19 2020/09/13
Download Cisco ICND2 Cert Prep- Infrastructure Services - Routing Course By Udemy

Are you ready for the CCNA exam? You sure? Check your knowledge with our CCNA Exam Prep Labs. Make sure you know topicsWhat you'll learnBe prepared for the CCNA 200-125 ExamBe prepared for the ICND2 200-105 ExamVerify your knowledge of CCNA exam topicsRequirementsPreparing for Cisco ICND2 or CCNA examsDescription I want to welcome you to this ...

1 12 2020/09/13
Download Introduction to Azure Machine Learning Course By Cloudacademy

Description Machine learning is a notoriously complex subject that usually requires a great deal of advanced math and software development skills. That’s why it’s so amazing that Azure Machine Learning lets you train and deploy machine learning models without any coding, using a drag-and-drop interface. With this web-based software, you can create ...

1 15 2020/09/13
Download Learn Cisco Network Security- Secure Routing and Switching Course By Udemy

What you'll learnHow to secure an enterprise networkRequirementsBasic network knowledgeDescription Learn the technologies and concepts of network security in this complete course and earn your CISCO certification. Grasp the understanding of security models, appliances, tools and techniques and make yourself known as security ...

2 31 2020/09/12
Download Learn Computer Networking with respect to Ethical Hacking Course By Udemy

Learn Securing Network and Hacking from Basic to Master Level.How to attempt Sniffing,Spoofing,Scanning & PhishingWhat you'll learnLearn ethical hacking, its fields & the different types of hackers.Start from 0 up to a high-intermediate level.Install a hacking lab & needed software (on Windows, OS X and Linux).Understand how websites work, how to ...

7 27 2020/09/12
Download Network Troubleshooting Course By Itpro.tv

In this episode, Daniel and Wes show you how to troubleshoot common network issues using command line tools. Specific tools covered include ipconfig, ping, and tracert.

4 37 2020/09/12
Download Nmap Course By Itpro.tv

Learn the basic concepts of the Nmap tool like Host Discovery, Port Scanning, Service/OS/Version Detection, and the Nmap Scripting Engine(NSE) for security. In this episode, Wes and Dan explore the administrative utility known as Nmap. They discuss what the Nmap software is and might use this software. They demonstrate how to obtain the software ...

9 46 2020/09/10
Download Common Network Threats Course By Infosecinstitute

This course demonstrates how scanning, data exfiltration, DDoS attacks and attacks against IoT devices can appear in network traffic. An organization can be attacked over the network in a variety of different ways. However, some methods are more common than others. In this course, you will see what scanning, data exfiltration, DDoS attacks and ...

3 34 2020/09/10

Download Part B - Networking Projects - Implement TCP/IP Stack in C Course By Udemy

C/C++ Linux Project, Network Socket Programming, Build TCP/IP Stack, Final Year Project, System Programming in CWhat you'll learnWorking with Timers in Networking DomainHow to imeplement Networking Oriented AlgorithmsImplement Industry level Problem statementImplement Callback Registration ModelImplement New Networking Problem Statements and ...

Network , C/C++
4 54 2020/09/10
Download A Deeper Dive in Cisco Firepower: Threat Intelligence & More Course By Udemy

This course is takes a deeper look into Cisco Firepower - and it has FUN Whiteboard Animations!What you'll learnWhat is Cisco Firepower?Intrusion Prevention SystemAdvanced Malware ProtectionThreat Intelligence and Application Visibility and ControlURL FilteringDeployment and High Availability OptionsHardware Platform OverviewNGFW Use CasesMigration ...

2 25 2020/09/10
Download Exam Tips: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303) Course By Lynda

Earning the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification shows potential employers that you can design and implement high-quality solutions that run on Azure. To earn this certification, you need to pass two exams, including the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303) exam. In this course, get insights into the structure of exam ...

4 23 2020/09/08
Download Crash Course on Network Monitoring - With White Animations By Udemy

This course is a beginner-friendly introduction to Network Monitoring - and it has FUN Whiteboard Animations!What you'll learnMonitoring in OSIObjective of Network MonitoringThings to monitorTypes of MonitoringNetwork Monitoring MetricsProtocol and Tools for Networking MonitoringPRTG MonitorOp ManagerAnd more!RequirementsA networkDescription Are ...

4 31 2020/09/08
Download Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Course By Udemy

Getting to know Solarwinds Monitoring Orion (NPM,NCM,NTA), Monitor Network Devices, Real lab images (IOSv) Maps & moreWhat you'll learnGetting to know Solarwinds Monitoring Orion NPM, Monitor Network Devices, hands-on lab with images (IOSv) Map, ReportsThis complete solarwinds training course contains a high-level overview of Solarwinds Network ...

8 77 2020/09/08

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