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Download Create a Web App with React, MongoDB, Express and Nodejs Course By Skillshare

About This Class This course shows you how to create a web app by usign the MERN stack. This course is a great choice if you want to learn these technologies in a few hours. The videotutorial is split into small videos. All the videos are easy to understand. The next listing shows some of the topics that are covered during the course :Setting ...

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Download Learn React, MongoDB, Nodejs and Express by Coding a Charts Generator Course By Skillshare

Project Description Make a web application that is able to display Charts. The web application must meet the following requirements: The database must be created with MongoDB.There must be an API created with Nodejs and Express.Use webpack to bundle the code.The frontend must be created with React.Use the method 'fetch' to get information from the ...

NodeJS , React
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Download Step by step, super simple E-Commerce with Node.js, Stripe Payments and React Interface Course By Skillshare

Project Description The class project is a lab to practically perform all the processes we are going to see in our class. We will create Node.js-based APIs in the first part, from the very simple "Hello world" to the more complex Stripe payment procedure. Then, we will create a simple and catchy React interface that will use ...

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Download RESTful Web Services with Node.js and Express Course By Pluralsight

Node.js is a simple and powerful tool for backend development. When combined with Express, you can create lightweight, fast, scalable APIs quickly and simply. With REST, those APIs become simple and user-friendly to make your APIs more usable.Description At the core of Node.js application development is a thorough knowledge of RESTful APIs. In ...

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Download Build RESTful APIs in Node.js using Express & MongoDB Course By Udemy

What you'll learnBuild modern, fast and scalable RESTful API with NodeJSLearn all about Advance Error Handling in ExpressLearn all about advance filter, sorting, pagination and moreHandling File UploadsLearn advanced authentication and authorizationLearn all about API Security like: Data Sanitization, Limiting Request, NoSQL InjectionsLearn ...

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Download Building Web Applications with Node.js and Express 4.0 (UPDATE) Course By Pluralsight

With Node.js, you can take your existing JavaScript knowledge and use that to build full-stack web applications. This course will teach you how to build out routing, databases, and third-party APIs in Node.js and Express.Description Node.js is a simple and powerful tool for backend JavaScript development. In this course, Building Web Applications ...

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Download Securing Your Node.js Web App Course By Pluralsight

Understanding the security risks that threatens a Node.js web application is crucial to its success. This course aims at providing functional mitigations to apply to your application against those vulnerabilities.Description Since its creation in 2009, Node.js has seen exponential growth in its community of users and the applications they are ...

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Download Learn Node.js From Scratch By Udemy

What you'll learnBasic Of NodeModulesNPM In NodeEventEmailUploading FileAdvance Of NodeRequirementsBasic computer fluency Description Welcome to my course "Learn Node.js From Scratch". This course will guide you step by step so that you will learn basics and theory of every part. This course contain hands on example so that you can understand ...

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Download PayPal Integration Using Node.js and Express Course By Pluralsight

PayPal is the most widely-used payment gateway in the world. This course will teach you the basics of using PayPal, including basic setup, single payments, order details, recurring payments/subscriptions, and integrating PayPal with your Node.js app.Description At the core of developing an e-commerce website or application is a thorough knowledge ...

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Download Learn Node.js From Scratch Course By Udemy

What you'll learnBasic Of NodeInstalling NodeGlobal Object and V8 EngineLearn Node From ScratchEvent EmittorModulesReading and Writing FilesRoutingQuery StringRequirementsBasic Computer Fluency Description Welcome to this course "Learn Node.js From Scratch". In this course you will learn from scratch. We will assume that you are a complete ...

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Download Node.js Basics Course By Teamtreehouse

About this Course In this course we will create two command line applications using the popular server-side JavaScript platform Node.js. We'll be creating an application to retrieve a student's Treehouse profile information and weather information based on a zip code.What you'll learnWrite command line applications in Node.jsTalk to an API with ...

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Download npm Basics Course By Teamtreehouse

About this Course npm is a command line tool to help you manage Node.js modules and this course will get you up and running with npm.What you'll learnUnderstand what npm isFinding modulesInstalling modulesUpdating modulesUninstalling modulesWhat is npm? In this segment, we'll cover what npm is and why you'd want to use it and the techniques for ...

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Download Learn to Build a Shopping Cart using NodeJS Course By Udemy

What you'll learnLearn the core concepts of NodeJSBuild a complete shopping cart using NodeRequirementsBasic Knowledge of JavaScript and NodeJS is important to complete this course Description This mini NodeJS course will help you learn how to design your own ecommerce website using NodeJS, Express and Kraken. NodeJS is a brilliant open-source ...

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Download Node.js: Debugging and Performance Tuning Course By Lynda

Node.js apps are known for their blazing-fast speed, but hard-to-find bugs and suboptimal processes can drag performance down. Isolating the problem in the stack can often grind productivity to a halt. In this course, Node.js developer Jon Peck shows how to debug and speed up your site as he walks through how to fix a complete—but ...

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Download RESTful Web API Design with Node.js 12 [Video] By Packtpub

Prepare an optimal development environment and set your REST APIsDive deeper into building APIs and implementing RESTful best practicesIntegrate a NoSQL database to learn how to use the MongoDB Atlas Cloud Services Implement caching, filtering and pagination of dataSecure your Node.js API with CORS, rate limiting, authentication and authorization ...

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Download HTTP with Node.js By Pluralsight

This course will teach you how to work with one of the most important components of Node.js, the HTTP module. You will gain practical knowledge that will serve as a foundation for building any web-based application.Description Node.js is a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications. The HTTP module acts as a backbone for these applications by ...

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Download Mocking Node.js with Sinon Course By Pluralsight

Creating unit tests is a skill, just like any other part of software development. This course will teach you how to effectively isolate your unit tests with spies, stubs, mocks, and fakes.Description Creating unit tests that are independent of external systems can be difficult and intimidating. In this course, Mocking Node.js with Sinon, you’ll ...

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Download Automating Node.js with NPM Scripts Course By Pluralsight

What if you could greatly improve your efficiency as a developer? This course will teach you how to use automation to optimize your time and reduce manually executed, repetitive tasks. You will see NPM is the tool for this when building Node.js apps.Description Finding ways to speed up your development workflow can greatly improve your efficiency ...

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Download Docker for Node.js Projects From a Docker Captain Course By Udemy

What you'll learnOptimize your local development setup for NodeJS in DockerOperate smoothly in a team of NodeJS developers using Docker and ComposeImprove the speed and reliability of your Node builds and testing using DockerGet the best NodeJS tweaks to use for dev, test, and prodDesign NodeJS images for use with Kubernetes and SwarmLearn about ...

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Download Node.js, Express, MongoDB Bootcamp 2020 - with Real Projects Course By Udemy

What you'll learnGets your hands dirty on best backend stack: Node JS, Express & MongoDBUnderstand: How to use Express JS framework with Node Js with real projectsUnderstand: How to render Server-side website using EJS templateUnderstand: How Node JS works Behind the Scenes.Understand all Queries of MongoDBUnderstand: How to use Mongoose with ...

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Download Socket.IO Project - Build a Chat App By Udemy

What you'll learnCreate custom real-time appsUnderstand how Socket IO worksUse ES6Use Bootstrap 4RequirementsSome JavaScript / Node knowledge is assumed Description Learn socket io in 2 hours! Real-time development is a must nowadays and socket io is the way to go! This is a practical course that teaches you how to use socket io to build ...

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Download Node.js: Securing RESTful APIs Course By Lynda

APIs are a crucial business driver for delivering data to your applications. In this course, learn about various options for securing your RESTful API that can help you keep your application data—and your users—safe. Instructor Emmanuel Henri begins the course with an overview of top security threats and an introduction to the Open Web Application ...

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Download Unit Testing and Test Driven Development in NodeJS By Udemy

What you'll learnStudents will know what unit tests are and how to create them using the practice of Test Driven Development.RequirementsThe student should have a beginner understanding of javascript and NodeJS. Description Test Driven Development is a key discipline every software developer should practice to ensure the quality of their code. ...

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Download La Biblia de Node.js Course By Udemy

What you'll learnTe convertirás en un experto backend aprendiendo y crearás proyectos asombrosos a la alturas de las grandes compañías de Software..Aprenderás a crear un API siguiendo las mejores prácticas y arquitecturas de software.Entenderás cómo realmente funciona JavaScipt en el servidor.Pondrás en práctica el conocimiento aprendido para crear ...

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