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Download The Complete Web Development Course with PHP, PDO & MySQL By Udemy

Learn Everything to be a Professional PHP Developer by Building Fully Functional Website with Admin PanelWhat you'll learnYou will learn how to create a full functional websiteYou will learn how to create a content management system like WordPress, Drupal or JoomlaYou will learn how to create a full functional login registration systemYou will ...

8 7 2020/09/28
Download Web Hosting: Learn How to Upload Website+PHP Form Submission Course By Udemy

Learn how to Upload Landing Page HTML website + PHP website with database + Contact Form Submission + Free Web HostingWhat you'll learnLearn how to create a free hosting accountLearn how to upload website live on server using different hosting servicesLearn how to upload PHP website with databaseLearn contact form submission without PHPLearn ...

4 20 2020/09/26
Download Laravel: PHPUnit Testing for Beginners Course By Laraveldaily

Automated testing is a crucial part of any long-term IT project. But often developers don't have time for that - budgets and deadlines are tight, and clients want to launch features quickly. As a result, a lot of developers never start actually testing, because they don't have projects with time/budget to afford this "luxury". Also it seems that ...

2 16 2020/09/26
Download What's New in Laravel 8 Course By Laracasts

Laravel 8 is here! This release includes brand new application scaffolding, class-based model factories, migration squashing, time traveling, and so much more. Join me as, one topic per episode, we review everything you need to know!Preparing for Laravel 8 Before we dive into the new features in Laravel 8, let's first pull in the latest version of ...

3 21 2020/09/22
Download Cypress and Laravel Integration Course By Laracasts

Cypress is a fantastic end-to-end testing framework. In this series, we'll learn, not just the ins and outs of Cypress, but also how it can be leveraged within a Laravel application to allow for everything from logging in, to seeding a database, to swapping environments. 1. Rapid Laravel and Cypress Setup We'll begin by setting up a fresh Laravel ...

2 23 2020/09/22
Download Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide: Beginner To Advanced Course By Udemy

Master Symfony PHP framework: from theory, through simple crud app, up to creating an advanced Real Life ApplicationWhat you'll learnYou will create two apps: simple crud app and an advanced video sharing service with PayPal integration, deployment to Heroku etc.You will learn Symfony 4 & 5 from theory to advanced level by creating real life ...

23 12 2020/09/21
Download Master Laravel PHP for Beginners and Intermediate Course By Udemy

Get from zero to proficiency in Laravel PHP Framework in one week! Course for beginners and intermediate students!What you'll learnMaster Eloquent, Controllers, Views and all the basicsAdvanced features like Queues, Polymorphic relationships, Service ContainerLearn all the theory while building a real application as you progress!Setting up PHP with ...

24 35 2020/09/19
Download Build a SMS Verification with Login System Using PHP MySQL Course By Udemy

Learn To Build Login and Registration System with Mobile & Email Code Verification Using PHP and MySQLWhat you'll learnLearn to build Login & Regiestartion systemLearn to create SMS and Email verification systemLearn to Send SMS From PHP ScriptLearn to setup SMTP ('Simple Mail Transfer Protocol') account to send EmailsLearn to generate verification ...

13 46 2020/09/12
Download Learning PHP Course By Lynda

PHP is still one most popular server-side languages used to build dynamic websites, powering everything from Facebook to Wikipedia. And although it is not especially difficult to use, nonprogrammers often find it intimidating. This introductory course was designed to change that by teaching you PHP through a series of clear, focused, and ...

3 46 2020/09/10
Download Learn how to create a Laravel package Course By Laravelpackage

Become the next package maestro Having produced over 200 packages with more than 75 million downloads in total, the Spatie team knows what they're talking about. Dive in the mind of the people that brought you quality packages like laravel-permission, laravel-backup, browsershot, laravel-medialibrary and learn how to program, test, and maintain ...

2 24 2020/09/10
Download How to create a plugin for Moodle using PHP Course By Udemy

Step by step, detailed instructions taking you through the complete process from zero code to functioning plugin.What you'll learnHow to create a plugin for the Moodle Learning Management SystemRequirementsA basic understanding of PHP, JavaScript, HTMLAccess to a Moodle serverDescription This course will take you through the complete process of ...

2 24 2020/09/08
Download Create TASK MANAGER app with PHP and MySQL Course By Udemy

What you'll learnLearn the fundamentals of PHP programming language by creating an APPLearn to Create Database in MySQLPerform CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) Operations in Database using PHP and SQL QueriesFundamentals of HTML & CSSRequirementsInterested to Learn Web Technologies with PHP & MySQLDescription This Complete Project Tutorial ...

6 52 2020/09/05
Download Create a Twitter Social Network Clone From Scratch PHP,MySQL Course By Udemy

Create or Build Twitter & Learn PHP, OOP and MySQL even Javascript by building your own PHP Social Networking WebsiteWhat you'll learnBuild your own social networking website like Twitter or Facebook with most amazing features such as newsfeeds, profiles, Follow system, chat system, trending post and much more!Know how to easily use PDO with MySQL ...

13 58 2020/09/05
Download Symfony 5 PHP Framework Course By Udemy

Learn Symfony including Twig, Doctrine, Encore, SASS, forms and email delivery as we build a ecommerce store togetherWhat you'll learnLearn Symfony PHP FrameworkBuild an ecommerce store in SymfonyTwig templates, Doctrine ORM, Encore, SASS, sessions, forms and email deliveryRequirementsA basic knowledge of PHP would be helpfulDescription Symfony is ...

6 61 2020/09/03
Download Excel Export/Import with Laravel Course By Laraveldaily

Laravel Excel package: deeper than official documentation It's pretty easy to export to Excel and import from Excel, with great Laravel Excel package. The biggest problems, however, are edge-cases and questions, like: How to format exported columns How to add header or additional columns How to handle date formats, formulas etc. How to ...

3 70 2020/09/03
Download Build an App With GraphQL, Laravel, and Vue Course By Tutsplus

RESTful APIs have many issues. They can require multiple round trips to multiple endpoints in order to fetch related data, and they're prone to over or under fetch data. GraphQL, a relative newcomer to the web API space, aims to solve those issues with more flexible queries and better tooling. GraphQL promises to provide API end users with a more ...

19 66 2020/09/02
Download Practical Roles and Permissions in Laravel Course By Laraveldaily

Laravel has a great Auth system out-of-the-box, but for more complex applications we need something extra - user roles, permissions and restrictions. In this pretty quick course, we will take a new Laravel blog project and will go on a journey with these steps: - Default Auth - Administrator role - Separate Roles table and Publisher role - ...

18 81 2020/09/02
Download Finest Laravel Course - Learn from 0 to ninja with ReactJS By Udemy

Master the latest features in laravel by building Projects, API, ReactJS and many more.What you'll learnLaravel PHP FrameworkAJAXReactJSSetup for Linux, Mac OS and WindowsDatabase MigrationDatabase SeedingTinkerDatabase RelationshipValidation and RequestAuthentication and SpatieRestAPI with PassportVersion Control SystemRepository ...

63 48 2020/08/31
Download Crash Course Laravel 7 and Vue JS Bootcamp + free CMS Course By Udemy

This Laravel course is a must have if you need to learn or improve your skill with Laravel and Vue JS.What you'll learnHow to set-up a Laravel 7 Project LocallyHow to connect a MySql database to your Laravel 7 project locallyGet Laravel 7 Project online to Digital Ocean serverUse Laravel Forge to do deployments to digital ocean serverHow to setup ...

Java Script , PHP
36 102 2020/08/29
Download PHP MySQL & CodeIgniter Course: Complete Guide By Udemy

Learn to build Dynamic Web Applications from Scratch with PHP MySQL & CodeIgniterWhat you'll learnYou will learn Complete PHP & MySQLYou will learn Complete CodeIgniter FrameworkYou will learn to build CRUD based projectsYou will to build custom web applications from scratchYou will learn how to host you web app onlineYou will learn about MVC & its ...

31 97 2020/08/26
Download Zend Framework 3 for beginners: Master the PHP framework ZF3 Course By Udemy

Learn to master Zend Framework 3 to make advanced web applicationsWhat you'll learnYou will learn how to prepare your ZF3 projectYou will learn how to create a ZF3 project with SkeletonYou will learn how to setup your ZF3 projectYou will learn how to connect a MySQL database schema to your ZF3 projectYou will learn how to add dependencies to your ...

1 79 2020/08/25
Download How to Structure Laravel Project Course By Laraveldaily

Basic Laravel is an MVC framework, it’s clear what should be in Model, View and Controller. But what if you have custom logic for processing data before passing it to the view? Where should it be?In the same Controller method?Separate private Controller method?Static function in Model?Separate class, like Service?Or, maybe, global helper function ...

9 105 2020/08/23
Download Laravel multi-tenancy: Single database Course By Codecourse

New to multi-tenancy? Let's build single database multi-tenancy into Laravel from scratch.

11 77 2020/08/19
Download PHP Microframeworks with Slim Course By Udemy

Learn Slim PHP framework and build your first six projectsWhat you'll learnBuild six projects using Slim microframeworkSlim PHP microframeworkLearn what microframeworks are and how to use themRouting, dependency injection, error handling and middlewareRequirementsA basic knowledge of PHP would be helpfulDescription Are you looking to learn Slim ...

4 107 2020/08/19

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