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Download  Spring Boot and Kotlin Course By LiveLessons

Video Description Sneak Peek The Sneak Peek program provides early access to Pearson video products and is exclusively available to Safari subscribers. Content for titles in this program is made available throughout the development cycle, so products may not be complete, edited, or finalized, including video post-production editing. Spring Boot ...

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Download Advance Your Career with MATLAB Programming Course By Udemy

What you'll learnFind thousands of job openings for your MATLAB skillsLearn how I personally made $1.8 Million using MATLABBrush up on your basic MATLAB skills or learn them from scratchLearn Professional Programming techniques to create your own MATLAB GUI, Apps, and ToolboxesBuild 5+ MATLAB apps including a Video Player, Stock Market Trading ...

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Download Reactive Swift 4 Programming [Video] By Packtpub

Build a complete responsive app with Rx SwiftUse data with asynchronous logic with RxSwiftExplore the workings of the Model-View-Controller architectureCreate a UI using the storyboard and make the most out of constraintsHandle navigation by using the navigation controllerHandle and display data with the table view controllerUse Google Firebase for ...

IOS , MacOS , Other
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Download Google Earth Courses By Udemy

Last Updated February 2020 HIGHEST RATED3.5 total hours24 lecturesAll Levels4.7(87 ratings) Learn to access satellite sensors, visualize big Earth observation Remote Sensing and GIS data, and extract information | By Dr. Alemayehu Midekisa

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Download Rust Programming:Rust Complete Tutorial Course By Udemy

What you'll learnRust Programming Complete TutorialThe Concepts Of Rust Language From Basic To advanceHands on Practical Driven ApproachRequirementsIdea about any programming language (c,c++,python,java etc) Description Rust is a modern systems programming language developed by the developers from Mozilla . It is intended to be a language for ...

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Download Building Web Applications in Kotlin Using Ktor Course By Pluralsight

If you are looking to build scalable web services or clients on the JVM then Ktor is for you. Written in Kotlin, this is an extensible, lightweight framework that uses coroutines to provide an easy to test and easy use asynchronous programming model.Description Many web applications and services are built using the Spring Framework. While Spring ...

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Download [2020] 12 Real World CaseStudies for Machine Learning Course By Udemy

What you'll learnGet Hand-on on the Application part of machine learningLearn and Add Industry Case Studies to your PortfolioLearn to Visualize and Do Exploratory data analysis on Complex real World datasets using Mayplotlib, Seaborn and PlotlyLearning Feature Engineering on Big and Complex Data setsLearning Feature Selection on Big and Complex ...

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Download Deep Learning Regression with R Course By Udemy

What you'll learnRead or download S&P 500® Index ETF prices data and perform deep learning regression operations by installing related packages and running script code on RStudio IDE.Create target and predictor algorithm features for supervised regression learning task.Select relevant predictor features subset through Student t-test and ANOVA ...

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Download Data Science: Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling in R Course By Udemy

What you'll learnMaster prediction and model assessmentWork with R, the language of data scienceGain deep insights into the application of machine learning tools in the industryUnderstand and apply machine learning methods using an extensive set of R packagesImplement advanced concepts in machine learningUnderstand how working with complex data is ...

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Download Complete Deep Learning In R With Keras & Others Course By Udemy

What you'll learnBe Able To Harness The Power Of R For Practical Data ScienceMaster The Theory Of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Deep Neural Networks (DNN)Implement ANN For Classification & Regression Problems In RLearn The Implementation Of Both ANN & DNN Using The H2o Package Of R Programming LanguageLearn The Implementation Of Both ANN & ...

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Download Complete Time Series Data Analysis Bootcamp In R Course By Udemy

What you'll learnImplement Common Data Cleaning And Visualization Techniques In RBe Able To Read In, Pre-process & Visualize Time Series DataThe Basic Conditions Time Series Data Must Fulfill & How To Check For TheseModel Time Series Data To Forecast Future ValuesUse Machine Learning Regression For Forecasting Future ValuesDetect Sudden Changes In ...

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Download Data Science 2020 : Complete Data Science & Machine Learning Course By Udemy

What you'll learnLearn Complete Data Science skillset required to be a Data Scientist with all the advance conceptsMaster Python Programming from Basics to advance as required for Data Science and Machine LearningLearn complete Mathematics of Linear Algebra, Calculus, Vectors, Matrices for Data Science and Machine Learning.Become an expert in ...

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Download Ionic Framework: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques [Video] By Packtpub

Leverage Ionic 4 features for the faster development of secure and easy-to-maintain appsLearn what's new in Ionic 5Save time by eliminating common bugs and stumbling blocks and focus on the features that will make your app greatBuild faster, more performant apps to delight your usersCreate beautiful user interfaces with various UI hacksDevelop ...

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Download Essentials of Docker For .Net Developers Course By Udemy

What you'll learnDocker Containers ConceptDocker Vs Virtual MachinesSignificance of DockerWhere Docker fits inDocker CommandsDocker ImagesDocker FileDocker ComposeMulti Container ScenariosDockerhub RequirementsAny command/terminal prompt basics.Have a GitHub and Docker Hub account.General dotnet concepts is desirable to have.Local admin access to ...

Linux , .Net Framework , Other
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Download Jira 8 Recipes [Video] By Packtpub

Create and deploy your own JIRA plugins on the Atlassian MarketplaceExtend the default functionality provided by the latest version of JIRA to meet customer project requirementsManipulate essential workflows programmatically with easeCreate new custom reports that provide insights about JIRA issues and objectsExtend existing reports to show ...

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Download Docker: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques [Video] By Packtpub

Create a robust image packaging mechanism with Docker and gitCreate and troubleshoot networking in DockerMake inter-container communication with best proven tricks and techniquesMake your storage robust with mastering Docker volumesIntegrate Kubernetes with docker and leverage it for orchestration of servicesEnsure no data loss between containers ...

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Download Virtual Reality with Unity [Video] By Packtpub

Concepts and components of the Unity Engine and Editor and how to set up a project ready for VRCreate a User Interface (UI) and game menu and build Interactions with C# scriptingLearn VR elements and build a state machine through Unity's AnimatorLearn how to design an effective and solid virtual reality experienceAchieve a stable framerateMaster ...

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Download Getting Started with Ansible on Windows Course By Pluralsight

This course will help you effectively use Ansible to manage Windows instances on an Active Directory domain.Description Managing servers on a Windows network with no tooling can be difficult and tedious, and trying to manually make changes consistently across a network of dozens or hundreds of servers on an Active Directory domain will invariably ...

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Download Kotlin in Action - Kotlin Programming for Android Developers Course By Udemy

What you'll learnMaster Kotlin Programming and best practices behind professional Kotlin and Android appsModern kotlin programming from scratchKotlin functional and Object Oriented ProgrammingCollections and Lambda expressionsKotlin coroutinesHow to harness the full power of computers via programming in KotlinMaster the principles behind popular ...

Android , Other
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Download Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Microsoft Excel: Advanced Techniques Course

This hands-on series covers these eight topics: Cohort Analysis. Practice Cohort Analysis in VBA during this first topic in the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Microsoft Excel series. From Wikipedia: Cohort analysis is a subset of behavioral analytics that takes the data from a given data set and rather than looking at all users as one ...

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Download Build your first app with React Native and Expo Course By Skillshare

About This Class React Native is used to power some of the most popular apps in the world such as Facebook, Instagram, Uber and Pinterest. All that is needed to create an app in both iOS and Android is React Native using Javascript. This is the easiest and fastest way to create an app that can thrive on both app stores! This course will take ...

Android , IOS , Other
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Download Build an Interactive Story App By Teamtreehouse

About this Course In this course we will build a simple choose-your-own-adventure story app, complete with fantastic illustrations. We will model our story and introduce the Model-View-Presenter pattern, and we will learn about getting input from users, displaying images, and using more than one Activity. What you'll learnDisplaying images in ...

Android , Other
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Download The App Developer Bootcamp Course By Udemy

What you'll learnCode in Swift 3.0Become familiar with Xcode as a development toolLearn basic programming principlesLearn app development fundamentalsUse XCode 8RequirementsXcodeA Mac is preferableYou can use Xcode on A PC, however, it is your job to install OSX. If you are on a PC, please look up how to do this before purchasing this course. ...

IOS , Other
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Download Emmet in Visual Studio Code: Accelerate your HTML workflow Course By Udemy

What you'll learnBe more productive in writing HTML code. Type it fast and efficientlyType and customize Emmet Abbreviations: from very simple to complexUse Emmet's commandsRequirementsThe only requirement is to have a basic knowledge of HTML. If you know what the tag is and how to type it, you are good to go Description What's this course ...

HTML , Other
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