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Download MySQL in VB.Net Series:Beginners Database Apps in VB & MySQL Course By Udemy

What you'll learnStart Working with Oracle MySQL ServerCreate Phone Book Database in MySQL ServerCreate Phone Book Project in VB .NetUsing Table Adapter in VB. NetWorking with MySQL Connection StringAdd Dataset and Datatable in VB .NetWorking With Binding SourceAdd Datagrid view to FormAdd Data Items Components to FormSave,Delete and new Record in ...

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Download Zip File in VB.Net- Create Backup & Restore Form in VB.Net By Udemy

Learn to work with zip files in VB.Net apps-Add file and folder to zip file and extract zip file-Create backup & restore What you'll learnLearn to work with zip file in VB. NetAdd files & folders to zip file with Visual Basic !Project 1: Create backup form with zip component in VB. Net !Project 2: Create restore form with zip component in VB. Net ...

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Download SQL in VB.Net Series: Aggregate Functions in VB.Net and SQL By Udemy

Learn to Use Aggregate Functions: ( SUM - AVG - COUNT - MIN - MAX ) in SQL Server and VB.Net AppsWhat you'll learnCreate sample VB application with SQL databaseAdd condition to SQL aggregate functions in VB. NetUsing (COUNT-SUM-AVG) aggregate functions in SQL & VB AppUsing (MIN-MAX) aggregate functions in SQL & VB. Net AppAggregate function with ...

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VB.NET Masterclass: Learn Visual Basic and VBScript [Video]

Semantics of general programmingThe format of coding applicationsAll the functions of Visual Basic programming This course introduces beginners to the basic fundamentals of VB.NET with easy, hands-on exercises that you can practice right in the browser. Learn everything there is to know about Visual Basic applications and how to program them. A ...

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