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Download Augmented Reality game with Unity,Vuforia and C# Course By Udemy

Build AR Game (Tower Defense) on Table ! You will learn how to get a game and throw it to became a playable AR GameWhat you'll learnAnalysing a project game or applicationunity3d best practicefixing problemshow to learn fast by mistakesReverse Engineering thinking methodUnity3DVuforiaAugmented realityAINavigationMeshNavigationMesh Real Time ...

5 10 2020/08/09

Download Make video game in unity3D Course By Udemy

it is fun to play video games but it is better to make themWhat you'll learnmake stand alone game works for pc or any platformuse unity3D to make gameslearn all the basics in unity3D to build gamesRequirementsC# basicsinternet connectionunity3DDescription so you want to create your own video games using unity3D don't worry it is so fun to do ...

2 29 2020/08/02

Download Coding for beginners with C# Course By Udemy

Learn to code using C# from scratchWhat you'll learnSetup C# Development EnvironmentCreate a Windows Form ApplicationCreate an ASP Web ApplicationCreate a Console ApplicationCreate your own Web Browser with C#Create a Digital ClockRequirementsA Computer and Internet Access RequiredDescription C-SHARP (C#) is a general purpose, multi-paradigm ...

4 31 2020/08/01

Download Unity Game Tutorial: Pinball 3D Course By Udemy

Learn how to create a Pinball Game with Unity Game Engine.What you'll learnHow to create a 3D Pinball Game in UnityPhysics in GamesC# Basics and FunctionsA bit of Editor Scripting (Advance)Structured Game DevelopmentRequirementsA PC or MacMouse and KeyboardThe mood to finish the courseThe will to learn Game Development Description In this Course ...

8 29 2020/07/28

Download Coding for beginners Course By Udemy

Learn to code in Six different languagesWhat you'll learnBuild a one page websiteBuild a calculatorBuild a digital clockBuild a blog applicationBuild a Random Number GeneratorBuild a number guessing gameLearn basic HTML skillsLearn basic CSS skillsLearn basic JavaScript skillsLearn basic Ruby on Rails skillsLearn basic Python ...

C# , Python
6 31 2020/07/27

Download Mastering Reactive Extensions with C# and .NET Course By Udemy

A complete course on Rx.NETWhat you'll learnCreate and consume observable sequencesGenerate sequences using Observable factory methodsQuickly work with sequences using Subject classesCombine multiple sequences into a single streamMaster time-related sequence processingRequirementsGood understanding of C# and .NETGood understanding of LINQ ...

8 89 2020/07/26

Download Programming Algorithms Fundamentals: The Foundation of All Programs Course By Skillshare

About This Class Algorithms are the universal building blocks of programming. They power the software you use every day, whether it's a spreadsheet, a social network, or a driving assistant. Algorithms offer a way to think about programming challenges in plain English, before they are translated into a specific language like C# or ...

C# , Python
0 18 2020/07/25

Download Develop a MAC OSX application using Xamarin Forms and MVVM Course By Udemy

Learn and gain expertise to develop a cross platform Mac OS based application using Xamarin Forms and MVVM architectureWhat you'll learnMVVM Design ArchitectureApple Mac OSX app developmentXamarin FormsHybrid app development technologyMvvmcross library for MVVM ArchitectureXamarin Forms for Mac developmentUsing Mvvmcross with Xamarin ...

C# , Xamarin
3 38 2020/07/22

Download Complete C# Course : 10 in 1: Beginners to Pro C# .Net Apps Course By Udemy

C# Programming Basics by C# Windows Forms Gui Project, C# Beginners, C# Registry,SQL,Zip File, Report,Multi language AppWhat you'll learn10 Courses in One + 62 Hours + 50 ProjectsStart C# with Visual Studio 2017 | 2019Write C# Code & Create Windows AppsCreate Diary , Phone Book & CalculatorSQL Server, It's installation & Using in C#Media Player and ...

240 136 2020/07/19

Download Complete C# Programming: Beginner to Advanced with C# OOP Course By Udemy

Learn C# with hands-on projects, dive in C# OOP advanced step by step guide to classes, interfaces and C# OOP examplesWhat you'll learnBeautiful coding techniquesLearn C# by codingFundamentals of C#Fundamentals of C# and .NET FrameworkConditional statementsCreate and usage of ArraysCreate and usage of MethodsDebug C# applicationsApply OOP Concepts ...

58 93 2020/07/19

Download Practical C# Programming Practices (70+ Common Projects) Course By Udemy

Master C# programming with over 70+ best C# programming practices for absolute beginners to excel in the industryWhat you'll learnLevel up your C# programming skill with over 70+ beginners best practicesHow to sum 2 NumbersHow to check for Even and Odd NumbersHow to count 1s in numberHow to find ASCII values of charactersHow to find a Leap yearHow ...

34 70 2020/07/17

Download Learn ARcore,make your Room interact with Unity 3D physics Course By Udemy

Arcore: AR in (Unity,C#) make augmented reality for android without Spark Ar nor VuforiaWhat you'll learnArcoreArcore Global Theoryunity3dunityphysicsunity import 3d modelfixing pivot of 3D model in unitySpwanerHelloARC#Arcore Detected PlanesMaking The Real floor accept unity3D PhysicsAugmented RealityAugmented Reality ConceptFixing ...

3 52 2020/07/16

Download Reverse Engineering .NET with dnSpy Course By Udemy

Learn Reverse Engineering and debugging for .NET programs written in C# and VB.NET using dnSpyWhat you'll learnReverse EngineeringDecompiling .NET programsDebugging .NET programs using dnSpyObfuscation and De-obfuscation techniquesSerial PhishingCreating keygensand more...RequirementsC# would be an advantage but not compulsoryWindows PC ...

6 102 2020/07/13

Download Object Oriented Programming with C# - Beginner to Advanced Course By Udemy

Detailed step-by-step guide to Classes, Interfaces and many other OOP Concepts - Object-Oriented Programming Concepts What you'll learnUnderstand and Implement The Best Object Oriented Programming (OOP) PracticesWrite Better and Cleaner CodeUnderstand Fields & Properties, The relationship between them and the tidbits of PropertiesCreate ...

19 87 2020/07/13

Download Introduction to Unity and C# Programming Fundamentals Course By Udemy

Learn how to setup Unity and navigate around your projects with ease and speed. What you'll learnUnity Hub SetupUnity UI OverviewRequirementsA desktop or laptop with internet access Description Interested in learning game development? This course teaches students how to setup and install Unity. It will breakdown how to get started on creating ...

4 64 2020/07/13

Download Course 7: Xamarin C# & PowerShell to Automate Network tool By Udemy

PowerShell series, Master Network Admin tools creation using Visual Studio 2019, Xamarin, C#, XPath and PowerShell 6 What you'll learnAdd PowerShell scripts to C sharp programAdd XML UI code to PowerShell Script fileBuild GUI PowerShell Script fileLearn advance PowerShell functions, data flow, error handling ... etcXPath expressionEvents and ...

C# , Xamarin
5 51 2020/07/12

Download Export Excel Data to SQL in C#-Barcode Scanner in C# and SQL Course By Udemy

What you'll learnQuick Learning on SQL ServerRead Excel Data in C#Using Barcode Scanner in C#Auto Search Barcode by Barcode ScannerCreate Sample Barcode List in SQLLearn Quickly to Use SQL Database in C#Search Something in SQL by Using C#Save Excel data file in SQL Server DatabaseExport Excel Data to SQL by C#Working with SQL ADO. ...

19 72 2020/07/10

Download API testing with RestSharp and Specflow in C# Course By Udemy

What you'll learnUnderstanding complete basics of API TestingUnderstand RestSharp from ground upUnderstand basic to advanced libraries of RestSharpIntegrating RestSharp with Specflow for BDDParallel Test executing with Specflow RequirementsBasics of SpecflowBasics of C# knowledge is plusBasic knowledge in understanding of API Description This ...

6 69 2020/07/04

Download Unity app development: Make a monetized gaming application Course By Udemy

What you'll learnUnity game development on androidBuild a complete Android/iOS Games In UnityAndroid game developmentCode Functionality In C#Have the skills and knowledge to build your own Games.Monetise Your Games With Ad Support RequirementsNo programming experience necessary, all you need is a computer and an internet connection ...

7 78 2020/06/30

Download Create Windows Forms Applications With C# and Visual Studio Course By Udemy

What you'll learnCreate new windows forms projectsAdd controls to Windows formsDesigning windows forms interfaceCustomize windows forms controlsModify Windows forms controls propertiesWriting code for event handlersBuilding and running windows forms project outside visual studioCreating a Windows Form Calculator ProjectCreating a Windows Form ...

7 90 2020/06/28

Download Modern C# Windows Forms Flat UI Design for 2020 - Jump Start Course By Udemy

What you'll learnCreate modern and beautiful windows forms applicationsUpgrade your already existing c# application's designFaster your product development life timeDeliver Enterprise level desktop applicationBuild great UI /UX experience for your clients / usersbuild modern c# windows from applicationRequirementsc# fundamentalsfamiliar with .NET ...

13 124 2020/06/25

Download LINQ Essentials & Fundamentals Covered From A to Z - 2020 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnHow to work with the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) featuresMastering LINQ using practical examples and demonstrating some best practices.LINQ to SQLLINQ to XML RequirementsC# programming and collections Description linq essentials and foundations, Learn what LINQ is, where you can explore LINQ syntax on your own, and how ...

18 119 2020/06/25

Download Comprehensive Introduction to Programming with C# Course By Udemy

What you'll learncodingprogrammingC# languageVisual Studiocomputer programmingvariablesexpressionsconditional statementsloopsconsole input / outputmethods RequirementsThis training is for absolute beginnersEnglish language and computer literacy are highly recommended Description The "Comprehensive Introduction to Programming with C#" free ...

59 102 2020/06/25

Download Calling an API in c# Course By Udemy

What you'll learnDifferent ways to make api calls using c#RequirementsC# knowledgevisual studio Description C# language offers many ways to access your web api resources, this lecture will introduce you to the best and most efficient options to achieve that. We will start with the most basic way - web request, see how to do it in a plain way with ...

4 73 2020/06/23

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