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Newest Products in .Net Framework, Page 1

Download Learn To Create A Racing Game With Unity & C# Course By Udemy

Game development made easy. Learn C# with Unity and create your very own racing game.What you'll learnLearn C#, a modern versatile programming language.Understand the capabilities of 3D development in Unity.Develop strong and transferrable problem solving skills.Gain an understanding of the game development process.Learn how object oriented ...

0 5 2020/10/26

Download Learn how to create an Idle Tycoon Game in Unity 2020 Course By Udemy

Learn how to create your first Idle Tycoon Game in Unity 2020 and C#What you'll learnCreate an Idle Tycoon GameLearn 2D Animation by Rigging CharactersCreate a Currency SystemWork with User InterfaceLearn how to use Scriptable ObjectsUse good programming practicesLearn how to use DOTweenRequirementsDesire to learn and create awesome games!Basic ...

5 20 2020/10/22

Download Ten Tips for the C# Developer Course By Lynda

C# and .NET are deep areas. Even if you’ve been a developer for years, there are bound to be features you don’t even know exist. In this course, take a look at some of the hidden or interesting methods that can help you write better code in this multifaceted programming language. Hear tips for improving your everyday workflows in C# development ...

10 33 2020/10/22

Download Build Real World Teacher Finder App with Xamarin Forms Course By Udemy

Learn Xamarin Forms Real World Application From Beginning to EndWhat you'll learnBe able to build any app you want in xamarin formsWork as a freelance xamarin forms developerCreate your first xamarin forms real world applicationBuild fully-fledged apps for your startup or businessConsume Restful api'sConsume Third Party UI ControlsRequirementsYou ...

C# , Xamarin
23 35 2020/10/20

Download Mobile Application Development With Xamarin Forms 2020 Course By Udemy

Develop for iPhone, Android and Windows with a Single Code BaseWhat you'll learnCross-Platform Mobile Application DevelopmentRequirementsWindows 10 or Apple Mac computerDescription Do you ever have a great idea for a mobile app, but don't know where to start? Do you ever wish you could make income from selling apps in Apple App Store, or Google ...

Xamarin , Android , IOS
11 25 2020/10/20

Download Azure DevOps Build Pipelines: Run Windows UI Automation & CI Course By Udemy

Azure DevOps Pipelines (incl. YAML) & TFVC/Git Repos to run WinAppdriver Windows Test Automation in C# .NetWhat you'll learnAzure DevOps Build Pipelines for UI Test AutomationAzure Git ReposAzure TFSVCUsing CI on Azure DevOps to test Windows applications with Appium WinAppDriverRequirementsA Windows 10 PCVisual Studio, .Net Framework, ...

C# , Network
7 35 2020/10/19

Download ASP.NET Core Blazor Course By Udemy

Learn how to create web apps with the new Microsoft frameworkWhat you'll learnBuild single-page applications with the Blazor frameworkLearn how to implement a clean structure with loose coupled componentsLearn how to use Bootstrap in Blazor WebAssembly applicationsSee the advantages of using the INotifyPropertyChanged Implementation from the MVVM ...

54 55 2020/10/19

Download Complete Unity C# & Android game development Bootcamp 2020 Course By Udemy

Learn how to make indie games(Android and iOS) by using Unity and C#What you'll learnLearn Android game developmentLearn Unity game developmentLearn C#Learn how to make games using Unity softwareMake 4+ gamesLearn how to upload the game on the play storeLearn how to monetize the games and earn money from thatLearn Version controlling using ...

C# , Android
24 34 2020/10/18

Download Become Expert in Xamarin Forms Layouts Course By Udemy

Create Real world Layouts with Xamarin FormsWhat you'll learnUnderstand StackLayoutGridScrollViewAbsolute LayoutRelative LayoutListViewCardViewReal World LayoutsRequirementsThe student's must have a laptop / PC and familiar with the Xamarin or Mobile Apps.Description The main focus of this course is only on the Xamarin Forms Designs and Layouts. ...

10 38 2020/10/15

Download Xamarin Android Uber Clone App with C# and Firebase Course By Udemy

Learn advanced Xamarin Android concepts by building a fully complete and functional Uber Clone app using FirebaseWhat you'll learnLearn to build complete Uber Clone apps (driver and passenger) with C#, Xamarin and FirebaseLearn to create, remove, update and delete records in Firebase DatabaseSave and handle data locally using Shared ...

C# , Xamarin , Android
42 60 2020/10/15

Download Advance SQL in C#: Design Database Apps in C# & SQL Course By Udemy

4 in 1: Barcode Scanner App in C#, Export Excel Data to SQL by C#, Advance ADO.Net, ComboBox in C# & SQL, SQL CRUD in C#What you'll learn4 Courses in one + 24 Hours+4 ProjectsLearn the SQL and Quickly use it in C#Export Excel Data in C# to SQLBarcode Scanner in C# & SQL to Search DataUsing the ComboBox in C# and SQLAdvance ADO. Net SQL and C#CRUD ...

56 52 2020/10/14

Download C# Interfaces Course By Pluralsight

C# Interfaces help us create code that's maintainable, extensible, and easily testable. This course covers interfaces from ground zero ("What are interfaces?") and works up to advanced abstraction.Description Do you want code that's maintainable, extensible, and easily testable? If so, then C# interfaces are here to help. In this course, we’ll ...

13 40 2020/10/14

Download C# Interfaces: The Ultimate C# Interfaces Course By Udemy

Uncover the secrets of interfaces in C# and change the way you approach your applications forever.What you'll learnLearn and Understand Benefits of InterfacesLearn How to Define C# InterfacesLearn How to Implement InterfacesLearn How to Use IEnumerable, ICollection, IList and IComparableLearn How to Implement Framework InterfacesRequirementsA PC or ...

21 67 2020/10/13

Download Python for the .NET Developer Course By Talkpython

Course SummaryAre you a .NET developer who is interested in learning Python? This is the course for you. While there are many getting started courses for Python, this course is specifically geared towards helping C# and .NET developers quickly get up to speed with Python. It covers a wide spectrum of the developer landscape from the language, ...

C# , Python
16 38 2020/10/13

Download .NET Core 3.1 Web API & Entity Framework Core Jumpstart Course By Udemy

Build the back-end of a .NET Core 3.1 web application with Web API, Entity Framework Core & SQL Server in no time!What you'll learnBuild a complete .NET Core 3.1 back-end with Web API, Entity Framework Core, SQL Server & SQLiteImplement Token Authentication with JSON Web Tokens & RolesUtilize all three types of relationships in your database: ...

.Net Core
12 73 2020/10/13

Download Learn To Create A First Person Shooter With Unity & C# Course By Udemy

Game development made easy. Learn C# with Unity and create your very own FPS game.What you'll learnLearn C#, a modern versatile programming language.Understand the capabilities of 3D development in Unity.Develop strong and transferrable problem solving skills.Gain an understanding of the game development process.Learn how object oriented ...

15 50 2020/10/11

Download Advance SQL in VB.Net :Design Database Apps in VB .net & SQL Course By Udemy

3 in 1: Barcode Scanner App in VB .net, Advance ADO.Net, ComboBox in Visual Basic & SQL, SQL CRUD in Visual Basic .NetWhat you'll learn3 Courses in one + 17 Hours+3 ProjectsLearn the SQL and Quickly use it in VB .NetBarcode Scanner in VB .Net & SQL to Search DataUsing the ComboBox in VB .Net and SQLAdvance ADO. Net SQL and VB .NetCRUD operations in ...

10 24 2020/10/11

Download Fundamentals of Programming Course By Udemy

Learn the Basics of Programming in 9 languages simultaneously: Java, Python, Go, C++, PHP, Ruby, C#, JavaScript & CWhat you'll learnGrasp the basics of programming in Java, C, Python, Go, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, PHP and RubyYou will be ready to dive into ANY area of software development: app programming, video game programming, web programming, and ...

C# , PHP , Python , Java , C/C++
12 36 2020/10/11

Download ASP.NET Core: Working with Azure Tables Course By Lynda

After an app is developed and made available to users, making drastic database changes is an almost impossible task unless your data storage is nonrelational. Using nonrelational storage such as Azure Table storage makes it easy to change the database structure if you need to— without breaking the app. In this course, instructor Ervis Trupja helps ...

4 25 2020/10/07

Download Learn Fresh MVVM with Xamarin Forms Course By Skillshare

Welcome to the World's First Fresh MVVM based course , the only course you need to become an expert in Fresh MVVM. If you're tired of boring outdated and incomplete courses , then let's dive in to this course. Well I'm Asfend Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) as well as First Xamarin University Most Valuable Professional and in this ...

3 35 2020/10/06

Download Design Patterns in C# Made Simple Course By Udemy

Using patterns to improve flexibility of the designWhat you'll learnHow to apply design patterns to help simplify application designHow to reduce design complexity by moving responsibilities into collaborating classesRequirementsFair understanding of the C# programming languageWorking knowledge of software designAny knowledge of design patterns is ...

17 63 2020/10/05

Download Algorithms and Data Structures in C#: Complete Tutorial Course By Udemy

Learn data structures and algorithms in C# from A to Z. Pass coding interview. Learn unit testing and TDD in addition.What you'll learnImplement all the common data structures such as List, Stack, Queue and others understanding how they work under the coversUse available data structures built-in .NET correctly: choose right data structures, ...

46 87 2020/10/04

Download Learn How To Make Games: Videogame Development in Unity Course By Skillshare

Learn How to Make Videogames with the Unity Game Engine If you've ever wondered how videogames are made and if you want to learn how to do so, this course is for you! I have spent more than two years learning about Unity both by working on little projects and by enrolling myself in pure self-learning. I'll teach you all of the fundamentals about ...

4 30 2020/10/04

Download WPF in VB for Beginners,Windows Presentation Foundation XAML Course By Udemy

Easily Learn Using the WPF in VB.Net Project to Design Real World App , Using XAML and Windows Presentation FoundationWhat you'll learnWPF in VB .Net for Absolute BeginnersBuild WPF projects in VB .Net & structure of XAMLUsing WPF Window and it's Common propertiesUsing Grid, Button, Label, TextBox & ComboBoxChange the font, border & title & ... in ...

16 33 2020/10/04

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