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Download Master Kubernetes with Docker on Google Cloud, AWS & Azure Course By Udemy

Learn Kubernetes and Docker on Google Cloud GKE, AWS EKS & Azure AKS deploying Microservices (Spring Boot + Java)What you'll learnSimplify DevOps with Docker and Kubernetes for 6 Java Spring Boot ApplicationsUse Kubernetes to orchestrate Docker based Java Spring Boot MicroservicesLearn Kubernetes and Docker Concepts - Images, Repository, ...

6 7 2020/08/09
Download Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Course By Linuxacademy

Course Details Docker is an extremely powerful tool for running and managing containers. Currently, Docker is the industry-leading container runtime platform and offers a colossal number of features revolving around container management, plus orchestration. This course serves as preparation for learners who seek to pass the Docker Certified ...

8 5 2020/08/09
Download Kubernetes and Docker: The Container Masterclass Course By Udemy

Build, Ship, Run and Manage your Containerized Web-applications efficiently on local premise and CloudWhat you'll learnLearn the basics of ContainersUnderstand the difference between VMs and ContainersLearn Docker and its key components from scratch without any prior experience or knowledge.Write your own Dockerfiles and Docker Compose filesMaster ...

3 12 2020/08/09

Download Augmented Reality game with Unity,Vuforia and C# Course By Udemy

Build AR Game (Tower Defense) on Table ! You will learn how to get a game and throw it to became a playable AR GameWhat you'll learnAnalysing a project game or applicationunity3d best practicefixing problemshow to learn fast by mistakesReverse Engineering thinking methodUnity3DVuforiaAugmented realityAINavigationMeshNavigationMesh Real Time ...

5 10 2020/08/09
Download Scenario Based Docker Security Course By Linuxacademy

Course Details Hello! Welcome to Linux Academy’s Scenario Based Docker Security course. This is the second course of a 4 course learning path related to securing containers. The lessons that are presented here focus on the security aspect of Docker through which you will learn how to perform various configurations and navigate through different ...

3 15 2020/08/08
Download Intro to Docker Course By Itpro

Getting down with Docker In this episode, Daniel and Justin give a general overview of what to expect in the upcoming Intro to Docker series. They cover topics like who is the intended audience, what the scope of the series will cover, and what are some specific topics that will be addressed.

7 7 2020/08/08

Download ASP.Net MVC Quick Start Course By Udemy

Build your own public-facing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) website w/MVC and Entity Framework in a weekend.What you'll learnUnderstand the major pieces of the Microsoft ASP.Net FrameworkHave a public-facing website with authorization, authentication, and real-world value to enhance your resume/electronic portfolioUnderstand how to use the ...

24 49 2020/08/06
Download Kubernetes Mastery: Hands-On Lessons From A Docker Captain Course By Udemy

Learn the latest Kubernetes features (1.16) and plugins while practicing DevOps workflows, from a container expertWhat you'll learnLearn Kubernetes and cluster tools from an award-winning Docker Captain!Lead your team into the future with the latest Kubernetes & container skills!Know the right ways to use Kubernetes for proper DevOps ...

19 30 2020/08/06
Download The Complete Docker Bootcamp for Web Developers (2020) Course By Udemy

Learn to containerize applications - With Hands-On Exercises for beginners. Dockerize WordPress and Laravel by exampleWhat you'll learnUse Docker with Hands-On ExercisesUnderstand Docker-Run Flags and Everyday Use-CasesRead, understand and write your own DockerfilesBuild Environments using docker-compose yaml filesUse Host-Volume and Named-Volume ...

5 25 2020/08/06
Download Ultimate Docker Fast-Track Beginner to Advanced Course By Udemy

What you'll learnDockerDevOpsDocker ContainersDocker ImagesRequirementsLaptopInternet ConnectionDescription Want To Learn Docker In Under 90 Minutes? Tired of 30+ hour-long deep-dive courses and complex reading material just to get started on Docker? Docker is not only getting more popular and in demand, Docker is the MOST FUNDAMENTAL DEVOPS ...

3 18 2020/08/06
Download Learn Docker and Kubernetes from scratch Course By Skillshare

About This Class Welcome to course on Docker and Kubernetes Fundamentals from scratch. What is Docker? Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Containers allow a developer to package up an application with all of the parts it needs, such as libraries and other dependencies and ...

10 61 2020/08/05
Download REST API's RESTFul from 0 to AWS with Spring Boot and Docker Course By Udemy

Learn how to develop a REST API from absolute 0 by meeting all RESTful maturity levels and deploy on AWS using Travis CIWhat you'll learn10% Theory and 90% PracticeDeveloping a RESTFul API from absolute 0Best practices for developing API'sUnderstand the theoretical foundation of RESTHow to work with PostmanHow to make RESTful requests using ...

14 58 2020/08/05
Download Learn Hands-on Docker from Scratch in Fast and Easy Way Course By Udemy

Learn from Scratch how to work with Docker Container, CLI Commands of Docker, Running NodeJS App, Connecting ContainersWhat you'll learnWhat is a container and why containers are usedSample use-case of Dev-ops with containersSet up all the infrastructure in GCP Ubuntu machine so it would be easy for you to follow upAll-important commands of Docker ...

4 59 2020/08/05

Download .NET Interoperability Fundamentals Course By Pluralsight

Managed code is great, but sometimes .NET code must call native code, such as Windows API DLLs or COM components; this course will show you how.Description Managed code is great, but sometimes .NET code must call native code, such as Windows API DLLs or COM components. The course explores most options for interop, from P/Invoke, to COM and even ...

.Net Framework
6 36 2020/08/05
Download Docker: A Beginner's Guide From Container To Swarm Course By Udemy

Learn how images and containers can save time, resources and effort in migrating applications to different platformsWhat you'll learnThis course is designed with the understanding that the student is an absolute beginner in docker. After taking this course, the student will have a solid understanding and foundation of how to create containers and ...

7 29 2020/08/04
Download Hands-on introduction to OpenStack, Docker & Cloud Computing Course By Udemy

Learn the essential concepts in Cloud Computing, Docker and OpenStack through hands-on labs, quizzes & demosWhat you'll learnLearn the basics of Docker, OpenStack, cloud computing and microservices.Understand the OpenStack cloud and get an introduction to it's various projects and networking.Learn how to build a Python App and containerize it from ...

4 22 2020/08/04

Download Using S3 with .NET Core on AWS Course By Pluralsight

This course, Using S3 with .NET Core on AWS, will teach C# developers how to create an ASP.NET Core web application that interacts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3.Description At the core of building web applications that interact with Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 is a thorough knowledge of ASP.NET Core and the AWS SDK for .NET. In this course, ...

.Net Core , ASP.Net
2 17 2020/08/04
Download Docker and Docker Compose - Project Deployment From Scratch Course By Udemy

Improve your Docker and Docker Compose skills with this series while developing and deploying real applicationWhat you'll learnDevelop and deploy projects with Docker and Docker ComposeBuild real applications with Docker from scratchLearn Docker through real usageRequirementsA computer on which you can install software (Windows, MacOS, or ...

176 23 2020/08/03
Download OpenShift, Docker & Kubernetes - Perfect Container Platform Course By Udemy

Develop And Deploy Applications Using Openshift. Use Docker And Kubernetes To Manage Your Containerized ApplicationsWhat you'll learnBasic concepts of OpenShiftUnderstand how to build and test code continuously on OpenShiftConfigure a pipeline in OpenShift platform and build a sample Jenkins ConfigurationCreate Templates, Configuration Maps and ...

2 18 2020/08/03
Download Hacking and Securing Docker Containers Course By Udemy

Learn to hack and secure Docker Containers the easy wayWhat you'll learnFundamentals of Docker Images and ContainersHow to build your first docker imageHow to run your first docker containerFundamentals of Container SecurityAuditing docker containers using automated toolsDocker security fundamentals for Penetration TestersCommon container ...

178 22 2020/08/02
Download Docker Course for Beginners By Udemy

Dive into the world of Docker and learn about Dockerfiles and Container ManagementWhat you'll learnContainer conceptsDocker container managementDocker image managementBasics of DockerfileRequirementsWorking knowledge of Unix/LinuxDescription Containerization of the applications is going on in the full swing across the IT industry. This course ...

3 37 2020/08/02

Download Make video game in unity3D Course By Udemy

it is fun to play video games but it is better to make themWhat you'll learnmake stand alone game works for pc or any platformuse unity3D to make gameslearn all the basics in unity3D to build gamesRequirementsC# basicsinternet connectionunity3DDescription so you want to create your own video games using unity3D don't worry it is so fun to do ...

2 29 2020/08/02
Download Kubernetes Docker MasterClass : Hands-On DevOps from Scratch Course By Udemy

Learn Kubernetes Build Test Execute Docker App in Kubernetes Cluster, 100% hands-on in Docker Kubernetes for DevOpsWhat you'll learnHow to use Docker, Compose and Kubernetes on your/cloud machine using DevOps practices.Create a multi-node highly-available Kubernetes cluster on Linux.Hand's-on with best Devops practices for making Docker Dockerfiles ...

24 25 2020/08/02
Download Deploying Dockers and Containers for Windows Server 2016 Course By Udemy

Learn How to provide developers with protected and agile application environments, offering stability and flexibility!What you'll learnPhysical host environmentsVirtual host environmentsInstalling and creating Windows containersCreating Hyper-V containersCreating, tagging, and pushing imagesRemoving imagesConfiguring startup optionsWorking with ...

4 20 2020/08/01

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