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Download Linux Mastery - Complete Linux Course for Beginners By Udemy

Join the Best Complete Linux Operating System course for newbie Linux users. Learn Linux Step by Step from Scratch!!What you'll learnObtain enough information needed to easily install, run and manage the Linux operating system in most of its distributions.Learn the Linux operating system fundamentals/essential skills.Learn the Linux system ...

3 17 2020/08/08
Download Ethical Hacking mit Kali Linux Course By Udemy

Ethical Hacking, Security Analysis und Penetration Testing mit Kali LinuxWhat you'll learnUmgang und Hacken mit dem Kali Linux SystemAusführen der typischen Angriffe im Internet, im lokalen Netz und im WLANKnacken von Passwörtern, Dateien und DokumentenBestandteile von Penetration Test kennenlernenAusschließlich praktische Übungen zum ausprobieren ...

1 40 2020/08/06
Download 3 Days Linux Administration Course By Udemy

Learn Linux and command line skills in as little as 3 daysWhat you'll learnStudents will be able to install, configure, and manage Linux serverStudents will be able to perform basic and advance Linux system administrationStudents will be able to write small shell scriptsRequirementsDesire to learn Linux fastWindows or MAC ComputerDescription This ...

10 39 2020/08/02
Download Learn Windows & Linux Command Line Course By Udemy

Find out how to use the command line the way it was meant to be used!What you'll learnHow to use the command line in both Windows and LinuxHow to navigate the file systems and directoriesHow to create, edit, and manipulate directories and filesHow to run the commands using the right syntaxAn A-Z Index of the Windows & Linux Command ...

Windows , Linux
2 30 2020/08/01
Download Unix/Linux Commands with basic shell scripting All in one Course By Udemy

Learn from basic to advance command in very easy way and get good hands on for shell scriptingWhat you'll learnGet hands on in Unix / Linux /Ubuntu Commands , Basic Shell scripting mostly useful for Dev/Tester /DevOpsBecome professional in working on Unix and Linux machines/ ServersDo automation for task using shell scriptHands-on in vi editor for ...

3 26 2020/08/01
Download Learn Ubuntu Desktop: Start Using Linux Today Course By Udemy

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Ubuntu Desktop for Your Daily Business Activities, Replace Your Existing Operating SystemWhat you'll learnEfficient use of Linux Ubuntu Desktop for day-to-day business activitiesYou will be able to perform all operations as it were done in your current operating systemYou will learn how to install free software on Linux ...

3 26 2020/07/29
Download The Fundamentals of Linux Administration (8.5 Hours ) Course By Udemy

Beginners Guide for Complete Mastery over the Linux Administration, Operating System & Bash Shell Scripting & AutomationWhat you'll learnUnderstand the origin of Linux Operating System and what features of Linux makes it a powerful and highly secure OSIntorduction to Linux Command Line and know each basic detail of the Terminal windowWorking with ...

10 29 2020/07/27
Download Linux High Availability Clustering on RHEL 8 (8.5hours) Course By Udemy

Design & deploy HA cluster active/passive or active/active services using Pacemaker on Esxi and KVM lab environment.What you'll learnHigh availability cluster installation, configuration, managing and troubleshooting in RHEL8/CentOS8 on VMware Vspare .Students should understand HA cluster concepts and how to manage different nodes, start/stop ...

6 39 2020/07/26
Download A Practical Guide to Linux Installations and Installables Course By Udemy

Various methods of creating Linux installation media and Network based Linux DeploymentWhat you'll learnStep by Step procedure to various Linux installation methods and creation of Linux Instalalbles RequirementsBasic computer knowledge and interest in learning Linux Description This course is designed for beginners and enthusiast who are ...

3 43 2020/07/25
Download NIS Server with NTP and autofs on CentOS linux 8 /RHEL 8 Course By Udemy

NTP chrony, NIS and autofs configuration step by step on CentOS linux 8 and RHEL 8What you'll learnConfiguration of NTP server and NTP clientConfiguration of NIS server and NIS clientFrom autofs sharing folder /home to all clients RequirementsLinux Basic Level knowledgeVMware WorkstationCentOS 8 DVD isointernetMinimum 2 CentOS Linux 8 or RHEL 8 ...

2 29 2020/07/23
Download Linux High Availability Clustering on Veritas Cluster Server Course By Udemy

Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) on Linux Operating Systems. Create Disk Groups, Service Groups and Perform Failover Tests. What you'll learnVeritas InfoScale High Availability Software Version 7.4.2 (VCS)Veritas InfoScale Storage Foundation Software Version 7.4.2 (VCS)Creating Service Groups in VCSCreating Disk Groups in VCSFailover Testing in ...

1 34 2020/07/22
Download RHCSA Practice Exams Video Course(EX200-RHEL 8 ) Course By Udemy

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHEL-8 Version)What you'll learnYou will be confident enough to take the RHCSA exam and pass the exam at First attempt RequirementsTheoretical Knowledge RHCSA Objectives is required+ Two Virtual Machines Description Course Description The Main Objective of this course is to help you to succeed at First ...

4 40 2020/07/21
Download Exploit Development for Linux (x86) Course By Udemy

Learn exploit development the right way to crack CTFs and the toughest cyber security certification exams out thereWhat you'll learnStudents will learn assembly language fundamentals for x86 processorsStudents will learn how to write shellcode on Linux for x86 processorsStudents will learn practical Linux exploit development conceptsStudents will ...

4 39 2020/07/20
Download Process And Threads in Linux Course By Udemy

Process Management, Threading in Linux, Synchronisation method for ThreadWhat you'll learnProcess and Thread concept in Linux with practical exampleInterview questions are discussedconcepts are covered from beginner level to Expert levelVery detailed and In-depth Explanation RequirementsBasic Of programming Description Are you preparing for the ...

4 45 2020/07/19
Download KVM virtualization on CentOS Linux 8 /RHEL 8 Course By Udemy

Nested KVM Virtualization on VMware workstationWhat you'll learnInstalling KVM Virtualization or KVM hypervisorNetwork Bridge ConfigurationInstalltion of CentOS Linux 8 and ubuntu 20.04 on KVM hypervisorResize disk of virtual machinehow to do virtual machine cloning and take snapshotcopy full virtual machines from one KVM host to another KVM ...

3 49 2020/07/18
Download Linux Heap Exploitation - Part 1 Course By Udemy

Learn hands-on GLIBC heap exploitation with HeapLAB.What you'll learnScripting exploits with pwntoolsIntrospecting the heap with pwndbgThe House of Force techniqueThe Fastbin Dup techniqueThe Unsafe Unlink techniqueThe Safe Unlink techniqueThe House of Orange techniqueUsing one-gadgets to drop a shellLeveraging a single-byte heap overflow to drop a ...

2 92 2020/07/17
Download KVM Virtualization on Linux Course By Linuxacademy

Course Details Did you know that, for a long time, Linux has had its own built-in virtualization technology, KVM? In this course, you will gain a better understanding of KVM Virtualization on Linux through interactive, hands-on lessons. We will explore four scenarios: workstation virtualization using the GUI utilities, web-based management using ...

1 47 2020/07/16
Download Linux for Cloud & DevOps Engineers Course By Udemy

Linux basics about files, directories, installations, networking, system configuration, user management etc... What you'll learnCan able to fulfill their regular tasks on Linux environmentA good start point to learn most of the trending technologies in the market at this momentRequirementsBasic computer knowledge Description As you all know in ...

5 30 2020/07/14
Download Learning Kali Linux Course By Lynda

Kali Linux is targeted at digital forensics experts and penetration testers. It includes over 400 pen-testing programs, and it is the primary tool used by ethical hackers. Using Kali Linux, you can test networks to see if they're vulnerable to outside attacks. This course helps you explore Kali as well as the careers, techniques, and tools behind ...

6 89 2020/07/13
Download Linux Filesystems and Devices Course By Linuxacademy

Course Details Welcome to this course on Linux Filesystems and Devices! This course was designed to cover the various Linux filesystems, their utilities, and how they are used in conjunction with devices. The first section will cover how to gain information about files systems, how to mount filesystems, and how to understand and create swap space ...

2 57 2020/07/12
Download Kali Linux Basics for Hackers Course By Udemy

Learn the basics of the most used Linux distribution for hacking!What you'll learnBasics of Kali LinuxRequirementsNo pre-requisites Description If you’re getting started in the field of cybersecurity—especially in offensive security testing (penetration testing)—it’s likely that you’ll encounter the Kali Linux operating system. Kali Linux has a ...

4 52 2020/07/12
Download Linux Domain Name Server (DNS) Course By Linuxacademy

Course Details This is a stand-alone course but is also a learning path in order to prepare you for the LPIC-2 202-450 exam. The material in this course will prepare you for the 207 section of the LPIC-2 202-450 Exam, section 207: Domain Name Server. We will review the basics of DNS, create multiple name server configurations including a caching ...

4 42 2020/07/10
Download Linux Privilege Escalation for Beginners Course By Udemy

What you'll learnEthical hacking and penetration testing skillsLinux privilege escalation techniquesCommon privilege escalation tools and methodologyPreparation for capture the flag style exams and events  RequirementsPrior beginner hacking knowledge preferredPrior virtualization knowledge preferredAccess to a Windows machine is preferred ...

11 175 2020/07/07
Download Self-hosting with Ubuntu Linux: Slack-like team chat Course By Udemy

What you'll learnSetting up a Slack-like team chat service with Mattermost on Ubuntu Linux RequirementsBasic Linux commandsBasic MySQL queriesAn online domain name to which you have accessA physical or cloud-based server with Ubuntu Linux installed Description You will learn how to use Ubuntu Linux to create your own team chat service like ...

1 37 2020/07/07

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