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Download Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) Scanner Tool Course By Udemy

How to use and set up this handy tool for data discovery and encryption of on-prem data.What you'll learnHow to classify and encrypt your existing and archived on-prem data using Microsoft's Azure Information Protection ScannerHow to set up a Virtual Machine on Azure and AWSHow to test the AIP scanner before setting it to enforceHow to install the ...

3 8 2020/08/09
Download Azure for DevOps: Containers Course By Lynda

Containers are becoming a ubiquitous format for packaging applications. They democratize the cloud, as containerized applications can be lifted and shifted more easily than traditional applications. This course explains how to leverage the container-based technologies in Microsoft Azure, including the popular Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and ...

4 11 2020/08/09
Download Migrate Windows service to Azure Course By Udemy

Learn how to successfully migrate Windows service to AzureWhat you'll learnSelect Azure resources for migrationDesign simple, reliable and cost effective solutionCreate Azure resources using Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI and ARM templatesDeploy, configure and monitor Azure WebJobsRequirementsIntermediate knowledge of C# programming ...

1 16 2020/08/08
Download Writing Security Tools In Ethical Hacking Course By Udemy

A comprehensive ethical hacking guide. Write your own ethical hacking security tools from scratch.What you'll learnCoding for EtherealCoding for NessusRequirementsBasic Knowledge of Computer and NetworkingA computer or laptop or android mobile with internet connectionDescription In this amazing course, we are excited to share with you,the ...

6 38 2020/08/06
Download Build Web Base Network Automation Apps using Python Django Course By Udemy

Build your own web base Network Programming & Programmability Application for Cisco. Learn Python for Network EngineersWhat you'll learnPythonBasic Network AutomationDjangoWeb Base Network Automation using DjangoRequirementsBasic knowledge about NetworkingBasic knowledge about PythonHaving a basic knowledge about django will be very ...

Network , Python
10 32 2020/08/06
Download Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control Course By Skylinesacademy

Welcome to Skylines Academy, where you will get a detailed introduction into Azure DevOps! This course is for you in you want to:Get the best overview of Azure DevOps from one of the IT industry’s leading technologistsDevelop a skillset in Azure DevOps, which is becoming more and more sought after as organizations continue to automate processes ...

6 29 2020/08/06
Download CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) Cert Prep: 2 Secure Code Design and Implementation Course By Lynda

Application vulnerabilities can open the floodgates to all manner of malicious attacks. Cybersecurity professionals must be equipped with a robust understanding of the risks associated with application vulnerabilities, as well as the coding practices that can help developers create truly secure applications. In this course, the second installment ...

1 30 2020/08/06
Download Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing Course By Lynda

More and more companies are migrating their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, shifting operational aspects to service providers such as Microsoft and Amazon. However, cloud computing is a shared responsibility, especially when it comes to keeping your data, users, and systems safe. In this course, Malcolm Shore outlines the major forms ...

2 62 2020/08/05
Download Machine Learning for Red Team Hackers Course By Udemy

Master the next-generation of cyberattack techniques to stay ahead of the bad guys!What you'll learnLearn how to make your fuzzing intelligent using AILearn how to evade machine learning malware classifiersLearn how to perform adversarial attacks on machine learningLearn how to break CAPTCHAs using machine learningLearn how to create DeepfakesLearn ...

3 57 2020/08/05
Download Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Course By Udemy

Give you a solid background in AI with MACHINE LEARNING, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computation, and Python exercisesWhat you'll learnUnderstand all the basic concepts and branches of AI that you'll never find elsewhere!Learn about different types of Machine Learning: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learningUnderstand fundamental Machine ...

Network , Python
3 70 2020/08/05
Download Recon in Cybersecurity Course By Udemy

What you'll learnReconnaissance for Cybersecurity Research and Bug Bounty HuntingRequirementsTo successfully complete the course, you need to have knowledge of computer networking, the penetration testing methodology, basics of cybersecurity, basic Linux skills, knowledge of Kali Linux/Parrot OS, knowledge of Python and Bash. If you are familiar ...

3 37 2020/08/05
Download The Cyber Security Network Protocol Hacking Course By Udemy

Comprehensive Cyber Security Network Protocol course! Learn and understand Cyber Security Network Protocol from scratch.What you'll learnAnalysis From The WireReverse EngineeringNetwrok Protocol SecurityImplementing The Network ProtocolImplementing The Network ProtocolRequirementsInterest in NetworkingDescription This course is for the absolute ...

2 24 2020/08/04
Download Writing Exploits In Ethical Hacking Course By Udemy

A guide where you would be learning to write your ethical exploits.What you'll learnWriting ExploitsBasics ethical hacking technique about exploitsRequirementsBe able to download and install all the free software and tools needed to practiceNothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started todayDescription Hi ...

1 22 2020/08/04
Download Microsoft 365: Implement Security and Threat Management Course By Lynda

The Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (MS-101) exam tests a candidate's ability to evaluate, plan, migrate, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 services. The second domain of the exam covers the implementation, management, and monitoring of threat management and security protection services. This course covers these objectives, outlining the ...

2 23 2020/08/03
Download Azure Data Factory Bootcamp & CI CD(Be An Expert in 9 Hours) Course By Udemy

Continuous Integration & Delivery in Azure Data Factory- Learn Azure Data Factory from scratch with hands-on exercises.What you'll learnHow To Create Pipelines In Azure Data FactoryHow To Integrate Azure Data Factory With Azure DevOpsHow To Integrate Azure Data Factory With GitHubContinuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) in Azure Data ...

15 31 2020/08/03
Download Password Ethical Hacking Course By Udemy

A comprehensive course. Start as a beginner and by the end of the course learn how to hack browsers.What you'll learnLinuxPasswordNetwork HackingRequirementsNo formal knowledge required.No tools or software required. We just need a PC.Description In this course you will learn about Brute Forcing methods for cracking passwords. First you will learn ...

3 28 2020/08/02
Download Azure Kubernetes Service DevOps Course By Udemy

Hand's on lab to learn DevOps consideration on Azure Kuernetes ServiceWhat you'll learnDevOps on Azure Kubernetes ServiceAzure container registryGithubJenkinsRequirementsFamiliar with AKSFamiliar with Cloud and IT conceptsDescription This is a hand's on lab where we will look at all the considerationw of building a continuous integration, ...

3 32 2020/08/02
Download Learn NxtGen Ethical Hacking with Technology Course By Udemy

Learn Ethical Hacking... Solution for Wireless and System Hacking in SHORT TIME.. 100% PracticalWhat you'll learnCan be able to hack into any System [Do it only after getting the proper approval]. The basics of Technology, Virtual machines, Kali Linux, Linux and Windows OS overview and techniques. Learn how to hack Wireless Network, pentesting ...

3 26 2020/08/01
Download AWS Well-Architected Framework: Operational Excellence Pillar Course By Lynda

The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps enterprise architects build more secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud-based infrastructure for their applications. The Framework comprises five pillars: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. This course takes a deeper look at the ...

2 17 2020/08/01
Download Azure Cloud for beginners Course By Udemy

Microsoft Azure FundamentalsWhat you'll learnThis course is suitable for IT personnel who are just beginning to work with Azure. This audience wants to learn about our offerings and get hands-on experience with the product. Students in this course will gain confidence to take other role-based courses and certificationsRequirementsThere are no ...

1 31 2020/07/30
Download The Certification Course Of Machine Learning By Udemy

Start as a beginner and go all the way to learn and understand Machine Learning.What you'll learnMulticlass, Ranking, and Complex Prediction ProblemsDecision TreesNearest NeighborDecision TreesNeural NetworksClusteringDimensionality ReductionRequirementsYou should be able to use a PC at beginner levelDescription Machine learning relates to many ...

2 20 2020/07/30
Download Secure your Home Network with a Raspberry Pi and Python Course By Udemy

Configure DNS, DHCP and VPN on a Raspberry Pi or server to bypass ISP, collect network data and monitor device activity.What you'll learnMonitor Home Networks with a Raspberry Pi, Linux and PythonHow to install DHCP, DNS and a VPN on your home network. Students will get an deeper understanding of TCP/IP and Networking ServicesStudents will learn ...

Network , Python
3 47 2020/07/30
Download Computer Network Cabling: Ethernet Wiring Infrastructure Course By Udemy

The Physical Side of Computer Networking; Wire Ethernet Cables from Scratch and Master the Fundamentals of RJ-45 Ports.RequirementsMust be able to safetly utilize sharp objectsCertain tools (explained in detail in the course)Description Cabling is no-doubt one of the fundamentals of the IT world. Whether you're an Intern or a Level III ...

5 35 2020/07/29
Download Ethical Hacking with Nmap - Beginners Guid Course By Udemy

Know your network vulnerabilities using the Nmap tool. fast and easy !What you'll learnMaster the art of Nmap reconnaissance , be able to enumerate, discover networks and their vulnerabilityRequirementsMotivation, Curios about ethical hacking and pen testing, Comfortable using the command line interface (CLI), basic understanding of TCP-IP ( ...

3 53 2020/07/29

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