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Newest Products in PHP, Page 1

Download Laravel Subscriptions Course By Codecourse

If you need to accept subscription payments, this course covers everything you need to know. Using Laravel Cashier, we'll create plans, accept payments and allow customers to manage every aspect of their subscription.

10 16 2020/10/27
Download Laravel Jetstream Teams Course By Codecourse

Laravel Jetstream ships with teams functionality, allowing you to create teams and add team members. In this course, we'll dive into the basics, how it works, and look at scoping models to teams with roles and permissions.

4 16 2020/10/27
Download Laravel Jetstream Course By Codecourse

Laravel Jetstream is optional application scaffolding for Laravel. Out the box, it provides authentication, email verification, two factor authentication, API token support and more. This course guides you through it’s features and goes behind the scenes to get you up to scratch, ready for your next project.

8 16 2020/10/27
Download PHP OOP Complete Online Exam System with PHP jQuery Ajax Course By Udemy

This Complete Course Where You Will Learn How You Can Create One Online Exam System with Using PHP OOP , jQuery, AjaxWhat you'll learnCRUD with PHP OOP and MySQLiAdmin Login and Logout SystemUser Management SystemComplete Online Exam ProjectHow To Use jQuery, Ajax for login pageUser Login and Registration SystemFade out Message SystemUser Profile ...

17 19 2020/10/26
Download Clean Code with PHP examples Course By Udemy

Learn Clean Code principles to become a better PHP developer, write easy to maintain code and do better at interviews.What you'll learnHow to write clean code in PHPWhy it's important to keep functions smallHow to name variables, functions and classesHow many parameters a functions should haveHow clean code affected MVCHow to beautify predicatesWhy ...

7 28 2020/10/22
Download Build A Chatbot Course By Buildachatbot

A premium step-by-step video course on developing, extending and testing Chatbots and Voicebots with PHP. Build A Chatbot is a video course that includes everything I know from building and maintainig the most popular open source PHP chatbot framework called BotMan. It features real world examples such as a todo list chatbot to walk you through ...

1 21 2020/10/22
Download PHP and MySQL Fundamentals Course By Udemy

Get certified as a PHP/MySQL developer and learn about Hashing, MVC, CRUD operations and how to avoid MySQL Injection.What you'll learnLearn or advance existing knowledge of PHPLearn or advance MySQL query constructionWill engage and learn typical programming conventionsHow to avoid MySQL Injection and shield your website from itHow to encrypt data ...

5 23 2020/10/22
Download PHP for Beginners: How to Build an Ecommerce Store Course By Udemy

PHP Ecommerce: in this course you will learn how to make full Ecommerce websites to build your own home business.What you'll learnAt the end you will be able to build any E-commerce application with PHPAt the end of this course you will be able to upload your application onlineRequirementsAll Students Should know the ...

11 21 2020/10/22
Download Build Clean and Secure PHP Web Apps from Scratch Course By Udemy

Maximize Your Web Development Skills by Creating PHP Web Apps Without Any Bootstrap, Template, and Third-Party CodeWhat you'll learnPHP FundamentalsCreating MySQL DatabasesWeb Development TechniquesObject-oriented PHPCreating PHP Classes and ObjectsCRUD OperationsState Management Using SessionsCode RefactoringProtect and Secure PHP ApplicationsHTML ...

6 33 2020/10/20
Download 2020 Complete Backend Web Development Course By Udemy

Learn backend web development languages like PHP, JavaScript (NodeJS and ExpressJS), MySQL, MongoDB and moreWhat you'll learnLearn JavaScript Basics FastLearn PHP Basics FastBuild your own chat applications using JavaScriptConnect MySQL and PHP and use them togetherBuild a simple forum from scratchConnect ExpressJS with MongoDBBuild a basic blog ...

MySQL , Java Script , PHP
28 35 2020/10/20
Download Fullstack Go Golang Node.Js Python PHP Sci Fi Dev Framework Course By Udemy

Unleash your creativity ( Websockets Enabled )What you'll learnReact Hooks ContextRequirementsWilling to have funDescription Hi Guys we are going to build two Sci-Fi based Dev-Environments using CSS 3D and React that are geared towards focused development projects related to full-stack web interfaces and back-ends with PHP Python NodeJs and ...

PHP , NodeJS , Python
4 15 2020/10/20
Download Project with Laravel PHP:Make a doctor appointment system Course By Udemy

Make a doctor appointment web application with Laravel, PHP frameworkWhat you'll learnHow to make web applicationHow to integrate admin templateHow to design database for this web applicationA complete doctor appointment booking systemRequirementsA good knowledge of PHPA basic knowledge of LaravelDescription This is a doctor appointment web-based ...

265 57 2020/10/19
Download Laravel 8.x: Live Chat With Pusher Course By Udemy

What you'll learnHow To Create A Complete Project/Website In LaravelIntegrate PusherJavascriptLearn How To Use PHP Artisan CommandsConnect Website To Database & Create TablesLearn How To Create Views Using BladeRequirementsPHP, LaravelDescription You'll learn how to code your own Live Chat With Pusher website using the most powerful and ...

2 24 2020/10/19
Download Symfony 5 Fundamentals: Services, Config & Environments Course By Symfonycasts

What you'll be learning This is the tutorial that unlocks your true Symfony 5 potential. How? By talking about what's at the core of Symfony: services, config & environments. These are the tools you'll need to take on any challenge with Symfony:Bundles give you servicesFinding and using servicesConfiguring bundles (i.e. configuring ...

1 20 2020/10/19
Download Laravel 6 PHP Framework for Beginner to Advance with Project Course By Udemy

In This Course You Will Learn Laravel 6 CRUD Application, Default Authentication System, Complete Advance Blog ProjectWhat you'll learnCreate Complete Project with Laravel 6Get a Deep Understanding of Laravel 6Laravel User AuthorizationMultiple Permission for UserCreate Different User with RoleSend Email NotificationUser Subscriber List and Send ...

38 31 2020/10/18
Download Symfony 4 Fundamentals: Services, Config & Environments Course By Symfonycasts

What you'll be learning Ready to take your Symfony skills to the next level? Then let's talk about what's at the core of Symfony: services and the container. In this tutorial, you'll learn about what makes your app "tick", including:Installing external packagesFinding and using servicesConfiguring bundles (i.e. configuring outside services)Symfony ...

1 20 2020/10/18
Download An innovative way to learn php laravel for beginners Course By Udemy

An innovative way to learn laravel php for beginners which it will help you to implement laravel projects easilyWhat you'll learnLaravel framework is one of frameworks that used in web development as full stack (back-end and Front-end). Laravel is php framework that mean that it dependent on php language. Laravel is easy to learn for anyone, ...

21 35 2020/10/15
Download Learn Laravel 7 including REST API by building Projects Course By Udemy

Basic to Advanced Topics which takes you from Beginner to Pro along with Upgrade Guide to Laravel 8What you'll learnLearn how to Install LaravelLearn Basics to Advaced Topics of LaravelLearn how to Create REST API using Laravel SanctumLearn how to Upgrade LaravelRequirementsBasic PHP KnowledgeDescription Update: As Laravel 8 was release on Sep 8th ...

12 42 2020/10/15
Download Laravel 8.x:Dating Website Course By Udemy

Romance Website Upgraded to Latest VersionWhat you'll learnHow To Create A Complete Project/Website In LaravelIntegrate Bootstrap 4JavascriptDisplay Images on HerokuLearn About RoutesLearn How To Use PHP Artisan CommandsLearn How To Create Models & ControllersLearn How To Create Views Using BladeConnect Website To Database & Create TablesLearn ...

24 68 2020/10/15
Download Learn PHP - For Absolute Beginners Course By Udemy

What you'll learnyou will learn all basics of PHPthis is crash course to learn PHPRequirementsbasics of html, css, javascripthaving intrest to learn is the only requirementDescription PHP is a scripting language which is used by most of the web pages. There are billions of webpages that are powered by PHP. PHP is widely used by many ...

1 24 2020/10/14

Download Fundamentals of Programming Course By Udemy

Learn the Basics of Programming in 9 languages simultaneously: Java, Python, Go, C++, PHP, Ruby, C#, JavaScript & CWhat you'll learnGrasp the basics of programming in Java, C, Python, Go, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, PHP and RubyYou will be ready to dive into ANY area of software development: app programming, video game programming, web programming, and ...

C# , PHP , Python , Java , C/C++
12 36 2020/10/11
Download Static Site Generators Course By Laracasts

A static site is often the ideal choice for certain types of projects. Common use cases might be portfolios, blogs, or documentation sites. They are easy to host, simple to implement, and incredibly fast. In this series, we’ll take a look at a handful of the most popular static site generators. Greetings! I'm Andre, a full-stack web developer and ...

1 33 2020/10/10
Download Blade Component Cookbook Course By Laracasts

As part of the Laravel 7 release, we gained access to supercharged Blade components. What's exciting about this is the fact that it can fundamentally change how you go about constructing the view layer of your applications. In this series, one component per episode, I'll show you a wide range of practical examples that you can freely use in your ...

1 29 2020/10/10
Download Facebook Clone with Laravel, TDD, Vue & Tailwind CSS Course By Udemy

Learn to code a social network platform powered by a Laravel API & built using a Vue Single Page ApplicationWhat you'll learnRESTful API Development with LaravelVue JS Single Page Application MethodologyTest Driven Development (TDD) with PHPUnitFront-End Design Using Tailwind CSSBuild a Complete SPA from ScratchJSON:API Specification for Building ...

Java Script , PHP , CSS
3 45 2020/10/10

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