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Download Master Kubernetes with Docker on Google Cloud, AWS & Azure Course By Udemy

Learn Kubernetes and Docker on Google Cloud GKE, AWS EKS & Azure AKS deploying Microservices (Spring Boot + Java)What you'll learnSimplify DevOps with Docker and Kubernetes for 6 Java Spring Boot ApplicationsUse Kubernetes to orchestrate Docker based Java Spring Boot MicroservicesLearn Kubernetes and Docker Concepts - Images, Repository, ...

6 7 2020/08/09
Download Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Course By Linuxacademy

Course Details Docker is an extremely powerful tool for running and managing containers. Currently, Docker is the industry-leading container runtime platform and offers a colossal number of features revolving around container management, plus orchestration. This course serves as preparation for learners who seek to pass the Docker Certified ...

8 5 2020/08/09
Download 2020 - OpenCV Python Tutorial For Beginners Course By Udemy

The Complete Course of OpenCV: Step-by-Step InstructionsWhat you'll learnStarting with an overview of what the course will be coveringWe move on to discussing morphological operations and practically learn how they work on imagesWe will then learn contrast enhancement using equalization and contrast limitingWe will learn 3 methods to subtract the ...

11 8 2020/08/09
Download Learn Python easy! - USA english Course By Udemy

What you'll learnPython basicsRequirementsthe course is from scratchDescription This is an Introductory Python Course which will enable students to pursue some higher and more advanced material and courses on Python. Particularly, this course teaches students the following things: What is Programming in general and how to do it using ...

3 8 2020/08/09
Download Complete Java Course From Scratch with Java 8 Features By Udemy

Learn OOPS Concept, Collection Framework, Multi-threading, Java Concurrency ,Java8 Features, Interview Question In JavaWhat you'll learnLearn java from basic concept.Understanding OOPs concept with real time example.Learn how to do programming in javalearn java programming as industry level.learn complete java features.learn lamda programming ...

35 12 2020/08/09
Download Kubernetes and Docker: The Container Masterclass Course By Udemy

Build, Ship, Run and Manage your Containerized Web-applications efficiently on local premise and CloudWhat you'll learnLearn the basics of ContainersUnderstand the difference between VMs and ContainersLearn Docker and its key components from scratch without any prior experience or knowledge.Write your own Dockerfiles and Docker Compose filesMaster ...

3 12 2020/08/09
Download The Hello World of Machine Learning in Python Course By Udemy

Use Python to create a Machine Learning Algorithm from scratch.What you'll learnBasic Machine Learning principals in PythonUsing scikit-learn to produce ML algorithmsCreate a REST API for any ML ModelSome Python Pandas Fundamentals (saving, searching, etc)RequirementsBasic Python Programming Skills recommendedHave used Virtual Environments ...

4 7 2020/08/09
Download Python packages with PyPI Course By Udemy

Step by step guide on how to create your own Python package and publish it on PyPIWhat you'll learnGood understanding of Python PackagesUsing GitHub Repositories to download source code’sCreating a Python packagePublishing a Python package on PyPIInstalling a PyPI package on local systemManaging our published PyPI packageVersion control of ...

3 8 2020/08/09

Download Augmented Reality game with Unity,Vuforia and C# Course By Udemy

Build AR Game (Tower Defense) on Table ! You will learn how to get a game and throw it to became a playable AR GameWhat you'll learnAnalysing a project game or applicationunity3d best practicefixing problemshow to learn fast by mistakesReverse Engineering thinking methodUnity3DVuforiaAugmented realityAINavigationMeshNavigationMesh Real Time ...

5 10 2020/08/09
Download Web scraping - zero to pro! (scrape & display on a website) Course By Udemy

Python & Beautiful Soup (back end) with Flask & Bootstrap. Re-create the 8 million covid site and more mini projects!What you'll learnHow to webscrape using Python, Beautiful Soup, lxml (backend) and Flask and Bootstrap/HTML (front end)How to re-create the covid-tracker Avi Shiffman created (and was offered $8 million for!)Scraping additional sites ...

4 13 2020/08/09
Download Scenario Based Docker Security Course By Linuxacademy

Course Details Hello! Welcome to Linux Academy’s Scenario Based Docker Security course. This is the second course of a 4 course learning path related to securing containers. The lessons that are presented here focus on the security aspect of Docker through which you will learn how to perform various configurations and navigate through different ...

3 15 2020/08/08
Download Python complete course from begginer to pro By Udemy

This Python For Beginners Course Teaches You The Python Language Fast. Includes Python Online Training With Python 3What you'll learnHave a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language.Understand how to create your own Python programs.Acquire the pre-requisite Python skills to move into specific branches - Machine Learning, Data ...

4 16 2020/08/08

Download The complete Java Android App development Bootcamp 2020 Course By Udemy

Learn Android development fundamentals and start creating your own Android applicationsWhat you'll learnMake projects that you can showcase to your potential clientApply for a job as an Android developerMake any app that you imagine (Sky is the limit)Build an app that you can publish on Google play and generate money revenue from adsRequirementsPC ...

Android , Java
4 20 2020/08/08
Download Data Types In Python 2 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnLearn The BasicsLearn Advanced MethodsStep By Step Instructions So That You Can Go From Zero To HeroA Complete Tutorial Explaining Everything You Need To KnowReal-World Examples With Hands On TutorialsGet Answers To Your Every Single QuestionsRequirementsBasic It Skill, Example: Being able to use a computer device at a beginner ...

4 12 2020/08/08
Download Grow Your Python Portfolio With 13 Intermediate Project Ideas Course By Realpython

Now that you know the basics of Python, you can put that knowledge to use by building projects to put in your portfolio. The trick is finding project ideas that are just right for your level. Creating a variety of applications is a way to demonstrate your knowledge and share it with others. In this course, you’ll get 13 project ideas that you can ...

8 14 2020/08/08
Download Learn Python From Scratch - Basic to Advance Course By Udemy

This Python Course From Beginners to Advance Teaches You The Python Language in Less then 3 Hours - Python 3What you'll learnInstallation,SyntaxVariables In PythonDataTypes In PythonDataTypes Built-In FunctionsArrays In PythonLoops In PythonFunctions In PythonOOPS Concept (Classes,Objects,Inheritance,Polymorphism etc.) In PythonFile Handling In ...

3 9 2020/08/08
Download Intro to Docker Course By Itpro

Getting down with Docker In this episode, Daniel and Justin give a general overview of what to expect in the upcoming Intro to Docker series. They cover topics like who is the intended audience, what the scope of the series will cover, and what are some specific topics that will be addressed.

7 7 2020/08/08
Download Programming Course With Python 3: Learn In One Day By Udemy

What you'll learnPython Introduction and Initial SetupVariables and FunctionsOperators, Conditions and LoopsClasses And ObjectsLibraries and ImportsATM ProjectRequirementsHave a computer with internet connectionInterest for computers and softwareDescription Course to teach new students that never touched Software Development, to learn how to ...

3 9 2020/08/08
Download Consuming HTTP Services in Python Course By Talkpython

Course SummaryThis course will show you how easy it is to consume a wide variety of web services using Python. You will be comfortable working with a variety of web and HTTP services. In addition to core package APIs, you will learn the ins-and-outs of HTTP RESTful services and their data types.What's this course about and how is it different? The ...

3 40 2020/08/06
Download The Python Workshop 2020 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnGain a Solid & Unforgettable Understanding of the Python Programming LanguageUse Object-Oriented Programming (An Industry-Standard Coding Technique) to Write High Quality Python Code.Learn Python Basics to gain the confidence to build larger and more complex programsBuild a Receipts Program to gain the understanding of variables, ...

12 53 2020/08/06
Download The Complete Java Games Development Course for 2020 By Udemy

What you'll learnLearn the Java basics and apply them to real world projects.Master the Java packages for 2D game development.Learn how the Object Oriented Programming is used in practice.Create playable well known games such as Snake and Pacman, for your own sense of achievement.RequirementsMacOS, Windows or Linux operating system.Willingness to ...

15 29 2020/08/06

Download ASP.Net MVC Quick Start Course By Udemy

Build your own public-facing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) website w/MVC and Entity Framework in a weekend.What you'll learnUnderstand the major pieces of the Microsoft ASP.Net FrameworkHave a public-facing website with authorization, authentication, and real-world value to enhance your resume/electronic portfolioUnderstand how to use the ...

24 49 2020/08/06
Download Build Web Base Network Automation Apps using Python Django Course By Udemy

Build your own web base Network Programming & Programmability Application for Cisco. Learn Python for Network EngineersWhat you'll learnPythonBasic Network AutomationDjangoWeb Base Network Automation using DjangoRequirementsBasic knowledge about NetworkingBasic knowledge about PythonHaving a basic knowledge about django will be very ...

Network , Python
10 32 2020/08/06
Download Kubernetes Mastery: Hands-On Lessons From A Docker Captain Course By Udemy

Learn the latest Kubernetes features (1.16) and plugins while practicing DevOps workflows, from a container expertWhat you'll learnLearn Kubernetes and cluster tools from an award-winning Docker Captain!Lead your team into the future with the latest Kubernetes & container skills!Know the right ways to use Kubernetes for proper DevOps ...

19 30 2020/08/06

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