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Newest Products in Python, Page 1

Download WebScraping using API ,Beautiful Soup and Pandas Course By Udemy

Scrape your first web page using Python API ,Beautiful soup and structure the data using PandasWhat you'll learnScraping of website using API, Beautiful Soup and PandasLearn about structure of Web pages and workflow of ScrapingUsing Python for structuring data and learning to use Jupiter notebookRequirementsBasics of Python and HTMLInstallation of ...

0 5 2020/10/26

Download ROS for Beginners II: Localization, Navigation and SLAM Course By Udemy

A practical approach to learn the foundation of mobile robots SLAM and Navigation with ROSWhat you'll learnTheoretical foundations of 2D and 3D localizationTransformation between frames in 2D and 3D SpacesThe powerful feature of the tf package to represent frames and perform transformation and localizationTheoretical foundation of localization and ...

Python , C/C++
0 5 2020/10/26
Download Securing Django Applications Course By Lynda

The protection of user privacy and data is a clear mandate for business success. In this course, learn how to protect your Django web app using essential security and authentication measures. Using a sample project-a pre-built Django web app and a REST API for that web app-instructor Rudolf Olah shows how to add code that keeps your app safe from ...

0 9 2020/10/26
Download Image Processing and Computer Vision with Python & OpenCV Course By Udemy

Learn Image Processing and Computer Vision from AI (ML & DL) professionalWhat you'll learnImage Processing with Python (skimage) (90% hands on and 10% theory)Image Processing and Computer Vision with OpenCV (90% hands on and 10% theory)Morphological operations with OpenCV (90% hands on and 10% theory)Face detection with OpenCV (90% hands on and 10% ...

0 5 2020/10/26
Download Python Basic to Advance Course By Udemy

What you'll learnCoding using one important Programming LanguageProblem Solving ApproachLearn Python form ScratchLearn Python from experienced professional TrainerUnderstand complex functions of PythonRequirementsIt start with BasicsOnly Basic Mathematics ConceptThis course is intended for absolute beginners in programmingDescription Learn the ...

0 5 2020/10/26
Download Computer Vision with Python Course By Udemy

Learn the latest techniques in computer vision with Python and OpenCV!What you'll learnManipulate and open Images with NumPyPerform image manipulation with OpenCV, including smoothing, blurring, thresholding, and morphological operations.Use OpenCV to work with image filesDraw shapes on images and videos with OpenCVRequirementsAccess to a computer ...

0 0 2020/10/26
Download Scrapy: Powerful Web Scraping & Crawling with Python Course By Udemy

Python Scrapy Tutorial - Learn how to scrape websites and build a powerful web crawler using Scrapy, Splash and PythonWhat you'll learnCreating a web crawler in ScrapyCrawling a single or multiple pages and scrape dataDeploying & Scheduling Spiders to ScrapingHubLogging into Websites with ScrapyRunning Scrapy as a Standalone ScriptIntegrating ...

14 30 2020/10/24
Download The complete Python GUI with PySimpleGUI for 2020 Course By Udemy

The complete Python GUI with PySimpleGUI will teach you how to build desktop applications with Python and PySimpleGUIWhat you'll learnStart from a complete beginner to an expert python programmerHow to create stand-alone desktop applicationsHow to create a GUI for python scriptsHow to create a calculator applicationHow to create a to-do ...

4 30 2020/10/24
Download Data Visualization in Python Masterclass™: Beginners to Pro Course By Udemy

Visualisation in matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly & Cufflinks, EDA on Boston Housing, Titanic, IPL, FIFA, Covid-19 Data.What you'll learnLearn Complete Exploratory Data Analysis on the Latest Covid-19 DatasetLearn EDA on Kaggle's Boston Housing and Titanic DatasetsLearn IPL Cricket Matches and FIFA World Cup Matches Analysis and VisualizationLearn Data ...

5 13 2020/10/24
Download How to Work With a PDF in Python Course By Realpython

The Portable Document Format or PDF is a file format that can be used to present and exchange documents reliably across operating systems. While the PDF was originally invented by Adobe, it is now an open standard that is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). You can work with a preexisting PDF in Python by using ...

4 20 2020/10/24
Download Blender Python Scripting Fundamentals Course By Skillshare

About This Class This course will teach you Python from the ground up. No previous knowledge on Blender nor Python is required to follow along. We will start slow, by discussing all utilities and tools that Blender has to offer. This way, you know exactly what is available and how to use it. Using these features we will build a proficient ...

4 30 2020/10/22
Download Modern Python From The Beginning Course By Udemy

Learn to program Python from scratch with hands-on challenges and progress to creating your own apps and games!What you'll learnDevelop a complete understanding of Python from scratch!Test your skills and gain confidence by completing plenty coding challengesGet more done by learning how to debug and fix your code when things go wrongGo from a ...

2 19 2020/10/22
Download Programming for Everybody: A Beginner Python Course By Udemy

Learn Python Programming Language from Scratch with Hands-on Exercises.What you'll learnThe basics of programming computers using Python.How one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python.How a program uses the computer's memory to store, retrieve and calculate information.How computer software makes "choices".How computer ...

4 20 2020/10/22
Download Learn Python 3 Programming Course By Udemy

What you'll learnUnderstanding of the fundamentals of Python programmingUnderstanding Jupyter Notebook and .py file creationFile, exception and module handlingGlimpse into the world of Object-Oriented ProgrammingUpskill yourself and choose your career in Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.Activities based programming experience in Python during ...

6 16 2020/10/22
Download Generating Random Data in Python Course By Realpython

In this course, you’ll cover several options for generating random data in Python, and then build up to a comparison of each in terms of its level of security, versatility, purpose, and speed.

2 12 2020/10/22
Download Python Network Programming From Ground Up™ Course By Udemy

Write networking scripts and build networking applications : HTTP, Emails, SSL,FTP etc.What you'll learnBuild complete Networking GUI Applications using PythonSending Emails using pythonConnect to websites using pythonBuild HTTP ClientsBuild HTTP ServersBuild Email ClientsTransfer files to FTP servers using PythonRequirementsNo paid software ...

3 15 2020/10/22
Download Python for beginners & logic building practice Questions 3.7 Course By Udemy

Python for Beginners with Examples | Including 50 Practice questions for sharpening your logic | Beginner's MasterclassWhat you'll learnPython fundamentalsPython Programming Practice with help of QuestionsComplete start of Python 3RequirementsA Laptop or desktopGood Mood to LearnDescription Best in Class course for covering Pthon 3.7 for Complete ...

4 13 2020/10/22
Download Data Engineering with Python Course By Udemy

Learn the skills to become a Data Scientist [ Data Science A - Z ]What you'll learnPython Programming Basics For Data ScienceSupervised Learning - (Univariate Linear regression, Multivariate Linear Regression, Logistic regression, Naive Bayes Classifier, Trees, Support Vector Machines, Random Forest)Unsupervised Learning - Clustering, K-Means ...

11 15 2020/10/22
Download Build Fitness Website with user profiles in Django 3.0 Course By Udemy

What you'll learnHow to install,create and activate virtual environmentHow to create Django projectHow to create Django appHow to connect HTML template with Django backendHow to create authentication system in DjangoHow to create user profilesHow to build blog sectionHow to add comment systemRequirementsBasic Django knowledgeLinux ...

3 23 2020/10/22
Download Master Django by Building Complete RESTful API Project Course By Udemy

Learn how to create advance REST API's with Django building a real-world projectWhat you'll learnWhat are REST API principles?How to use Postman to make request?How to create a base MVP backend?Creating a real-world projectHow to authenticate using JWT?Mastering Django REST API FrameworkRequirementsBasic understanding of PythonDescription Best way ...

2 16 2020/10/22
Download Machine Learning Crash Course for Beginners using Python By Udemy

Complete Machine Learning step-by-step Course, Mastering Regression, Classification and Clustering [2020]What you'll learnThe importance of machine learning in this eraHow to train your machine to learnHow can your machines learn from dataDifferent machine learning methodsRegression algorithmsClassification algorithmsClustering algorithmsData ...

3 14 2020/10/22
Download Python: Programming Efficiently (2020) Course By Lynda

Cut down on your development time by learning how to write elegant code in an efficient manner, specifically in Python—the popular and pragmatic computer language. Michele Vallisneri explains how to make your Python code more expressive and concise, and leverage the most powerful features of the language. He shines a spotlight on some of the ...

8 25 2020/10/20
Download Python Gui Development Using Eel Course By Udemy

Python Gui Complete Tutorial ,how to develop gui based application using python eel , html , css,& javascriptWhat you'll learnHow to use python for creating & packaging nice gui based applications for windows or macHow to use html , css, javascript frontend for python based guiWhats Eel library in PythonHow Eel helps to interact between python ...

12 30 2020/10/20
Download Fullstack Go Golang Node.Js Python PHP Sci Fi Dev Framework Course By Udemy

Unleash your creativity ( Websockets Enabled )What you'll learnReact Hooks ContextRequirementsWilling to have funDescription Hi Guys we are going to build two Sci-Fi based Dev-Environments using CSS 3D and React that are geared towards focused development projects related to full-stack web interfaces and back-ends with PHP Python NodeJs and ...

PHP , NodeJS , Python
4 15 2020/10/20

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